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Thoughts on: issues in America

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Hey guys

It’s Lay.

So originally I was going to work on my goals for college but it’s so hard to focus on certain things when it seems like things around me is falling to pieces. In my own life I’m pretty okay right now, I have people who support me, my job is fairly easy and I don’t feel stressed about it at all , there are little things I want to fix but it’s on me to do so but overall I’m alright.

Normally I don’t speak out about certain things that are more political because I’m a pretty nonchalant person but all these mass shootings are getting ridiculous. No one should be afraid to do something as simple as grocery shopping and it doesn’t help that not even a full day later but hours later, there was another shooting.

I have a lot of thoughts on this and if you don’t like topics this serious I would recommend you stop reading. However if you continue to read but you oppose my opinion because you have different morals, that’s on you. One thing I want you to remember is we come from different environments and the way we see things are affected by our wealth, the areas we grow up in (urban or rural) , our religion, our race and just our experiences overall. I know not everyone will agree with what I say but you should make it a point to try to see another perspective because the world isn’t just surrounded by what you see. No one's reality is the same because people can look at the same thing but all those little factors I mentioned earlier is the reason why some people can’t see eye to eye.

Terrorism vs mental illness

I talked about mental illness before so many times. Mental illnesses are either through genetics or have environmental factors such as trauma and it can be treated through therapy and medication. Hatred cannot be treated. Hatred is not a mental illness. Hatred is something that is taught. Babies are born in this world completely oblivious to things such as race, wealth, status etc. All of those things are taught. I’m so sick of the media labeling a person with light skin as mentally ill whereas a person with browner skin is a terrorist.

Being racist isn’t a mental illness, it is ideals that was fueled by hatred and it need to stop. People need to stop putting the blame on mental illnesses and start placing it where it’s due.

Stop putting the blame on mental health and video games and start putting it on the ideals being passed down. Video games don’t control people’s minds , just because there is sometimes violence in a video game doesn’t initially mean it’s telling people to do that in real life. It’s the same with movies. I remember having this conversation in school talking about whether or not the things we watch and do is to blame. To me, the answer is no. If guns and weapons weren’t easily accessible would a person even be able to recreate the things they see? No. Yes it may have affect on some peoples views but most times video games are used to take a person out of reality, to release anger and stress in there but if a person knows right from wrong and grew up with the right morals they would know not to repeat it in every day life because there are laws and rules which make a civilization.

People need to realize we come in all shades, sizes, sexualities etc. and we shouldn’t be killed for it. We don’t choose our skin color and we can’t hide it the way people could hide their sexuality or religion (Even though no one should be so afraid to show their identity. Just using it as an example so please don’t get offended). We all bleed the same color blood, our bones are made from the same material and when we die , race won’t mean a thing because our skin will eventually decay and if you decide to get cremated, it’ll burn off.

Focusing on the wrong issues

We had so much reforms on things that shouldn’t have even been up for debate. For instance, abortion. Due to my religious belief I don’t feel like I can ever have an abortion and I don’t believe in it but it isn’t right to tell someone what to do with their bodies especially if you don’t know the situation. What if the girl was raped? It’s rare but it could happen. Not all sex is consensual and things happen. Also some people don’t have the resources to be a parent. Some have unstable jobs, have broken homes etc. I remember a girl at my school wrote about it and she was pro life because she still saw it as ending a life. For moral reasons , I see it as that way too but at the end of the day I’m not the one who has to pay for the medical bills, the clothes, the food etc. so I shouldn’t have a say for someone else. And when it comes down to it, which is worse: not having the child or having a child but it being unloved because it wasn’t wanted and it not taken care of?

Don’t even get me started on immigration because that alone deserve its own blog but I will say that People shouldn’t forget their origin. The majority of American ancestors were immigrants looking to for a place to be accepted and practice their beliefs and just the same thing they are upset at other people for doing. (Just to be clear I understand both sides of the debate about jobs and resources but no matter what way you look at it , you can’t deny it’s hypocritical.)

We need to be worried about resources that are slowly dying because of climate change thanks to pollution and deforestation and violence within the country we are in whether it’s fueled by racism, gang violence etc.

No one should be afraid to live their lives and do everyday tasks... no one should be afraid to get an education. No one should be worried about dying because they are a different skin tone.


My belief is the 2nd amendment is really outdated. We needed guns when we were starting this country for food, protection etc. but why do we need it now? As people we advanced as a society developed rules, technology etc.

Do I believe guns should be ban? Personally no , only because of the backlash it will cause. They tried to ban alcohol and if you know history, you know how that went. However if we are existing in a world where people have guns, we should have more regulation over it. It shouldn’t be as easily accessible as it is now, there should be deep background checks, tests to see where a person stands mentally, training for it etc.

It doesn’t matter where you stand in the political spectrum, everyone should agree that they are sick of the tragedies, sick of seeing people dying. It’s sad that it happens so frequently that people attitude towards it is “ wow another one”. This shouldn’t be normal and sending thoughts and prayers brings comfort but not change... change is exactly what we need.

I’m sorry if you found this blog too serious or difficult to read but it needed to be talked about. So if you agree with some of the points please share and even if you don’t but understood where the perspective was coming from, also share. I’m am sorry for the many people who lost their lives in the shooting but even more sorry for the friends and family because they have to live with the burden that someone they cared about was gone by. Don't forget to read previous blogs and subscribe to never miss a post.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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