Alayjah Jordan 

My name is Alayjah Jordan, typically my name is hard to pronounce so you can just call me Lay. Simply I am a girl from New York. I started this blog at the end of 2018 to the start of 2019 because I used to have a blog with an old friend and in some ways I missed it because writing became what I wanted to do with my life. But as I progressed with my blog I realized it was more than that. So many times in my life I just felt incapable of telling my side of the story or even putting an opinion out in the world. People have done everything in their power to put me down and to belittle me to a point where my voice was nothing. I felt like nothing but all that changes.


Instead it gave me a hunger to be the best version of myself and with that being said I wanted to create a space where I share my opinions, my thoughts, my realizations because somewhere in the world a person may feel the same. So this blog is not only for me to give myself a voice and to share my narrative but to inspire the people who feel like they aren't enough, to empower people, to motivate people to keep going forward with their dreams and to teach them what I learned. If not, I'll just be entertainment;  I may be simple but my life isn't.

Words to live by 

Don't let others tell your story, be the author of your own narrative.

~Lay  12.25.19

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