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I'm here to help you grow 

Hello, my name is Alayjah and I'm a lifestyle blogger. I'm pretty sure I told you that on my home page but the information seems worth repeating. 

You are probably wondering what makes this 19-year old think they can help me? 

Well, statistically speaking:

"Half of all mental disorders begin by age 14 and three-quarters by age 24" (Kapil, Rubina)

I talked about it a bit on my home page about why I started. I had my own problems with mental health growing up to a point, for the longest time, I couldn't see my life past 16 years old or even imagine past high school for that matter. It was a horrible feeling of struggling every day and once I got out of that toxic space, I've learned to cope with my anxiety disorder and am still learning new ways to cope.

It was hard to get to a point where I can say I'm okay and the sad truth is, many people suffer in silence the way I did. Maybe you're reluctant to talk about these things because your family is old school and don't believe in mental health, finances are tough or you're just afraid to move forward with addressing it because how society still dismisses it for being dramatic.

No matter the reason is: you are not alone.

While mental health is a huge aspect of my mission since it's a part of my life that can't be overlooked.


The overall goal of this blog is to communicate different ideas and perspectives to create an open space for self-improvement. In a sense, it is still a lifestyle blog but I wanted to change what I write about to tie into developing. 

I strongly believe that the only way to grow as a person is to look at topics with an open mind, to hear the other sides of conversations even if you disagree or can't see it from that perspective. 

Understanding your external factor and practicing wellness in the mental, physical, and social forms is mandatory for living a more fulfilling life. These aren't things you can learn overnight and it takes engaging with different people to really explore complex thoughts. So join me on this journey to make life a little simpler.

Kapil, R. (2019, February 06). 5 Surprising Mental Health Statistics. Retrieved November 24, 2020, from

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