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Podcasts for Personal Development

For years podcasts, have been growing in popularity at an exponential rate. The last time I wrote about podcasts, I shared an interview to expose the process of creating a podcast. This time, I want to share the podcast that helped me the most with my personal development. Podcasts can be used for more than just entertainment. Podcasts can also help your journey in personal development by sharing with you ideas and stories that can inspire you.

Unsolicited advice

This is one of my absolute favorite ones. For my Spotify rewind, this was listed as my top podcast for 2020 rewind. I found this show through Ashley's sister's podcast "Pretty Basic". While I do love Pretty Basic, I feel like that podcast is more for entertainment. Unsolicited Advice, in comparison, helps my mental health through their storytelling. They have viewers' stories that are usually about things like relationships, friendships, dates, family, and even mental health issues such as anxiety. A lot of the stories inspire my writing because when they are responding to the stories and giving them unsolicited advice, I respond too. It helped inspire many topics that I would want to go into on my posts. Out of all of the podcasts, this is the one that I draw the most inspiration from, and also hearing other people's situations reminds you that you're not alone with going through issues, and in a way it makes you feel more connected to people even if you don't know them personally.

Just glow with it

This one has been my latest obsession. It's done by a person named Jasmine. She describes it as a lifestyle and personal development podcast that inspires people to glow up, and she is true to her word. She shares her experiences and promotes a growth mindset. Glowing up, contrary to many people’s beliefs, is the combination of mindset and action. Social media has made us think otherwise, but this podcast teaches you about inner work. Examples of this include healing your inner child, how to have vibrant high energy, journal prompts, and manifestation stories. If you consider yourself a spiritual person (which differs from religious), You will enjoy this podcast.

Kalyn’s Coffee Talk

I watched her Youtube channel first, she is a woman from Toronto, and I was obsessed with her lifestyle videos growing up. She mainly did yoga content, home tours, cleaning, decorating, budgeting, etc. Her vibe was just so relaxing and zen, so when I found out that she had a podcast, I would listen to it when doing tasks that I don’t enjoy like cleaning or homework because I used to get overwhelmed easily. She talks a lot about social media, ambition, birth charts, manifesting, and how to deal with negative emotions. She also posts the podcasts as youtube videos on her second channel called Koze. Again this podcast has a lot of spirituality behind it, so if you are into that stuff this is another podcast I feel like you would enjoy.

The Mindful Kind

Out of the majority of the list I gave, the mindful kind is less spiritual and more action-oriented. This podcast is usually short. Most episodes are 10 minutes or less, so this is the perfect podcast to listen to for your morning shower after a workout. There is also a lot of psychology behind it because the host, Rachel Kable, majored in psychology, so a lot of that's it has to do with more so thinking patterns and not as much about spiritual stuff so if you are more of a logistic thinker and want something quick to listen to this would be the period for you.

The Lavendaire Lifestyle

I first discovered this YouTuber, Eileen, during one of my recent self-care days. She had great energy. She is known for being a planner and as a person, appears to be very put together. I recently discovered this podcast, but I've listened to a few episodes. Her podcast is interesting because she does a lot of interviews. One of my favorite interviews she did was with Jade Darmawangsa, who I also found on YouTube. Jade was a 19-year-old entrepreneur as I saw this (so very close to my age) and she ended up creating a media agency. I enjoy the podcast since it interviews people the majority of the time. Another episode I listened to was how to glow up with Alivia D’Andrea (the girl who created the glow-up diaries on youtube). It's nice to get insight on different things from different people. So if you like people being interviewed and everything like that, I feel like this is the perfect podcast for you. This can contribute to your personal development by learning from other people and not just getting one side because they usually share a topic and then have a conversation about it. In my list, I think this is the only one that does interviews frequently.

Mindset is the starting line

So this is a blog post I wrote months ago in the summer of 2021 and it’s been a bit chaotic in the past months. I didn't write in the summer because of my jobs, how mentally exhausted I was, and how much I was trying to accomplish. It was very easy for me to become overwhelmed which is why having content that was motivating that didn’t require a lot of visual attention was perfect to keep my spirits high. Mindset is the starting point of any goal because you need to feel even semi-motivated or inspired to keep moving forward with your goal.

I know you are probably reading this and thinking “ relax it’s just a podcast”, that is true but there is value in what we do in everyday life. So if you are consuming gossip, drama, hateful things, etc. that is the type of energy that will flow into your life. The first step of anything is the psychological preparation and if you consume content that makes you think, feel and take your perspective to a whole new level to will have the capacity to keep growing and moving forward.

Thank you for reading and if you have anything you want to see more of, be sure to comment suggestions or email me. Remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel, and follow my Instagram and Twitter to connect and stay up to date. I am excited about my next blog post so make sure you come back. Until then, there’s a lot more content on my youtube channel. I hope you have a good day, evening or night.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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An interesting selection. Podcasts definitely teach me things.

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