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NYC Eats: Tete-a-Tete

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Hey guys !

Its Lay.

So for my last blog I did a collaboration and i was actually considering doing another thoughts blog until I realized I haven’t done a food post in so long and even though it isn’t well known I still want to write about food places that a lot of people may or may not know about and give them new places to visit.

Since I am a New Yorker, most likely those are the places I would talk about the most unless I travelled somewhere.


For today’s blog I’m writing about a spot in Brooklyn called Tete-a-Tete. The address is: 2601 E 14th St, Brooklyn, NY 11235. From what I’ve been told, it is a Russian restaurant but don‘t quote me on that. It is split up into two parts. The downstairs when you first come in is a bakery but upstairs is a restaurant. They have very soft chairs but for a larger crowd they have booths with sofas and when I went with my friends there was recently the booth had a pillow. In my opinion, the place is very aesthetically pleasing and they seem to take a lot of pride in the way they decorate.

The service

Honestly, the people there are extremely kind and I believe its the fastest service I’ve ever experienced from a restaurant. Whenever there were water rings or something the waitress would dry it up. Also they check on you a good amount of times, which depending on who you are could be something you like or dislike. Me personally I hate slow service so I appreciate when it seems like you have their undivided attention even though they have other customers.

The price

The price isn't too bad because there are thing you can get for $10 or under.

The price when we went the first time wit a total of 4 people it came up to 139.13 with the tip for the waiter which estimates to about $34.78 per person.

The second time ur price came up to $191.62 with the tip for the waitress which isn't that bad because there was about 5 of us so split evenly that is like $38.32 per person.

However paying for what you order is the best way to go when it comes to eating out especially is someone orders more.

My favorite thing about the restaurant

This hard because I love so many things about the place but if I had to choose anything about it is the presentation. As someone who is clearly on social media, aesthetic is something really important to me. Some food place have amazing food but how it looks is just simply unappetizing. At Tete-a-tete, they do make sure their food taste as good as it looks.

My least favorite thing

If I had to choose one thing it would be the menu because it is a list of thing on white paper on like a clip board. White paper gets dirty and messy fast so I think it would be nicer if the menu was laminated or something because that way if someone spills something on it it would be clean still.

My experience

I went 2 times with my friends and we all agreed we want to go back and make brunch there a monthly thing.

The first time we went was to celebrate one of my closest friends 18th birthday. Her mom is really strict so we were surprised we even got to celebrate. Going there was our first option but incase her mom didn't approve we had back up ideas but much to our fortune we were able to go. We went all out during that time and was even able to get dessert. The only thing I didn't like from this time was the smoothies were so small for $5 but when we went back the 2nd time about 2 days ago, the smoothies were larger.

We went back the second time to take people who was unable to go the first time so it was 2 new people with me and 2 other friends who went the first time and the new people absolutely loved it and wanted to go back later for dinner if we had more money.

List of things I tried

The Cheddar Stake Omelette

Veggie Omelette

The berry french toast

The Avocado toast

The pancakes with

Mozzarella Sticks

Chicken fingers

Curly fries

The Syrniki

Iced Carmel cappuccino

The mango smoothie

The Meat Platter

The Nutella, Strawberry and Banana crepes

An Apple Tart

Personal Food pictures by me and my friends

Random things I think people should know

- If you're over 21, they have drinks and hookah

-According to the dictionary, Tete a tete means a private conversation between two people

- For large parties or if you are going on the weekend when it is really busy, I suggest making reservation just be safe.

Overall Opinion

My friends and I love the place so much and If we could we would make brunch a monthly thing because that's how good this place is from the food to the vibe it has. I would 1000% recommend people to go.

So that is it for today's blog! Even though many people probably are so busy with friends and family today, I hope you eventually got to read this and if you are in New York you take the time to travel to Brooklyn to try it out. Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates. I hope you find this blog enjoyable and that you'll share it with friends and family. Don't forget to read previous blogs as well.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

P.S. The photos used in this post aren't all mine so photo credit to the owners :) .

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