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Fall 2019: Date ideas

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Hey guys

It’s lay!

As the weather gets colder, it gets cozier and as we used to say in high school, it’s “cuffing season” . For those of you not from New York City or common with certain slang , that just meant it’s the time of year most people get into relationships because holidays are coming up and you just want to spend it with someone . Most of the time people who start their relationship this time of year don’t usually last because in most cases they form a relationship in order not to be lonely. I’m not saying this is the case with everyone but that was just something common where I was from as terrible as it sounds. Me personally I was always single because I was never the type of girl who was in it for the short term, I had a relationship just to have one... for me it was a waste of time if you weren’t thinking of the long term and most teens don’t felt like that especially among my generation. Some people want to have fun first and other people never want to commit which is okay but that just wasn’t okay for me. I would rather be single than force something that isn’t right for me. While we are on this topic I just want to add it’s okay to be single because when it’s right , it will happen. With that being said even though it says date ideas, a lot of things in here that you don’t need to do with a boyfriend/girlfriend. You can plan a day with friends and do the exact same thing and have fun and even more than you would with a significant other.

For the sports lover

I'm not really a sport fan but there is still a lot of things I came up with for that you can do.

Since baseball runs late March/early April to late September/early October, followed by the postseason which can run to early November, you should take the opportunity to see a game in person

If you can’t make it to a game, you’d can always go to a batting cage to practice swinging.

Football is something that’s screams fall to me so if one of you is inexperienced playing, you can teach the other but if you both know how to play then you can play a game together

A cool thing to do is make it a group thing an make a whole bunch of competition like: flag football, relay racing, a bean toss etc.

Also, you can host a game night where you play some games before watching the sports game on tv. There can be tons of snacks and foods like buffalo wings.

For a cozy night in

This is one of my favorite type of nights.

For nights like these you could cook together. Since it’s colder weather my recommendation is something warm and filling like chili (my favorite is turkey chili but that’s a preference thing). Then after you can bake something simple and quick like cookies (pumpkin spice sugar cookies with pumpkin flavored icing are so good but if you aren’t the type to experiment stick to a classic like chocolate chip).

You can build a little nook or a fort together. I’m forever child at heart so this is something I’m completely dying to do. I just find it so cute because I love decorating around and being extra.

Playing game is a really fun thing to do. For instance, Mario kart (which is my favorite), just dance or super smash bros. These are just ideas because I’m more of the person who just doesn’t like much blood and stuff in a video game but it’s all up for preference. If it’s a group thing hosted at your place playing certain games that you find in comic stores is fun ( If you had to, Never have I ever, Cards against humanity) because those are the games that you really start to know each other. Also classic games like monopoly, 5 second rule, janga , Black Jack, game of life, heads up etc.

Movies are also great too. Having a horror movie marathon sounds so amazing especially if you have nothing to do the next day and you can sleep in. Of course it doesn’t need to be horror if you scare easy (try comedy , action, Disney etc)

For a childhood throwback

For this one in comparison to the last type is stuff you possible did as a kid like going on a hayride and going to a petting zoo. I haven’t done that in so long but I really want to .

You can go to carnival or fair if there’s one accessible. Like the cliche ones with face painting and bouncing castles . Me personally would still go into one because it looks fun.

Also visiting a pumpkin catch and getting a bunch of pumpkins to take home so that you can either carve them or paint them since some people hate the mess of it.

Speaking of decorating , before Halloween comes you should spend a time at a place going through different costume ideas. In other countries, this may not be common. I remember in my marketing class we spoke about how region affects our culture and what we purchase.

For the adventurous

When I think of this one I think of doing things that are more out of the ordinary.

Taking a mini road trip is one of my top things. Although road trips are a summer vibe, when I say it for the fall I don’t mean a cross the country but maybe to place 4-8 hours away. This is something to do if you can afford to and have the opportunity to take off from work/ school.

I never done this but you can go camping. The cooler makes it more perfect and the air more refreshing. when I think of this I think of having an RV, laying on top watching the stars, having deep conversations until you fall asleep. While your camping , you can even do activities like hiking, making smores, fishing, going on a boat ride in the lake if it’s clean and uncontaminated (be sure to go your research) etc..

If it’s accessible for you going to an amusement park can be fun especially this time of year. Places like Six flags has a theme like fright fest and I’m so excited to be going this year and maybe I can write a blog about the experience after I go if you guys like but I'm not sure.

If you can’t explore that far, choose 5 places in your city, town etc. go to each of those places and make the most of it out of the area and take a lot of pictures for the memories.Out of those places make sure you choose some for food and others for the aesthetic / representation from your home state.

For the creative

Even though I’m a creative person this one was the hardest to come up with.

I love art so my first idea is to have a night in with a bunch of material and spend the night painting. Even if your significant other isn’t the type to, it can be a fun experience that you can laugh about later and you can help them improve their skills.

The next thing I came up with is going to Michael’s and creating diy decor. With so much holidays coming in, it should be cheaper to DIY some things and it’s a lot more personalized.I would do this for if you are celebrating halloween or even friendsgiving.

You can also come up with a project together like creating an album with all your favorite memories or creating a Polaroid wall.

I’m sorry I couldn’t come up with one more idea for the creative section but I hope you liked it either way I hope you like this blog because I tried my best to make it as inclusive as possible. Be sure to share with your friends and family . Also don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an update.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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