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BTS 2019: Goals for Freshman year in College

Updated: May 17

Hey guys.

It’s Lay.

This week has been so hectic for me because my orientation for college was Monday through Wednesday. Each day was kind of a different vibe. Monday was pretty awkward because we were in groups and I just didn’t know anyone from my group but even so I met someone new that I hung out with for a bit.

Tuesday aka day 2, I met up with people I talked to online and it was so fun. About 7 of us went to Panera Bread, got food to go and then sat in the school cafeteria. Then we went to the Barnes and noble to look at school stuff before the mandatory meetings for our majors. Then some of us decided to have a mini photoshoot.

Wednesday was probably my worst day because I forgot my ID and I just had no energy all day. It turns out it was that time of month for me which sucked since I was supposed to get a massage the next day (that didn’t happen but at least my nose got pierced and my mom got me food too).

So throughout the days they just went over the typical expectations for us but more importantly made us get to know each other and mix with people from other majors that way we won’t just stick with one set of people . One thing I noticed is how different I was throughout orientation. I wasn’t as afraid of socializing or talking except during ice breakers but that’s because I have a huge hatred for them and I don’t think that will ever change because I’m more comfortable talking to people as individuals to a small-medium Groupon people.

Over those days after seeing the type of energy people have and knowing what they expect of us allowed me to set a couple of goals. I know my life update is coming up in September but this is more fixed on my goals for my education so even if you aren't in school or aren't in college, I hope this inspires you to set goals and action plans for your next big project whether it's something creative like writing a book, creating a gallery or just for you career path or education.

Goal 1

Stay on top of my grades but not to be overly a perfectionist


So one thing about me is I’m overly a perfectionist especially when it came to my grades. Typically I had above a 90 overall and if any of my grades were below a 90 I would just freak out. I’m one of those people if I try my best, my best just doesn’t feel good enough and I just had the need to be better. I was harder on myself than my mom was... she would just tell me get above a 65 and I would say that wasn’t enough.

One thing they talked about during orientation is if you still get good grades and are involved in more activities, you are more likely to get hired in comparison to someone who never did an internship or clubs but has a 4.0 GPA. I never did many clubs but that’s s different story so make sure to continue reading.

My action plan

The way I plan to achieve this goal is to set days and times to study and to work a little bit each day instead of trying to finish everything in one round like I used to do in high school . I also plan to practice a distressing method when I start having anxiety over not getting the best grade. I will either do something like working out which benefits me in more than one way.

Goal 2

Be more involved in activities


Like I mentioned before I never really joined activities. I did elective but mostly because my school required it. Nothing I did was voluntarily so I never joined a sport or a after school club or event. Besides having poor time management at times because I procrastinated a lot , my main reason for not being involved is that I was extremely afraid to . It’s no secret that I have anxiety so even before I even try anything there’s like this initial thought in my head that I’m going to mess up. I hated to believe it but that voice never went away and if it wasn’t saying that, it was telling me I wasn’t good enough to even try .

My action plan

I’ve gotten better in terms of my mental health so my action plan is to go for things I know I’ll be happy doing. This year I want to do magazines because how much I love writing and how it’s the profession I’m absolutely going to school for. I also haven’t decided if I’m going to do runway because it sounds interesting but all of these activities are on Tuesdays when I don’t have school. I’m still going to do a club but if I don’t feel up for the travel I’ll do the online aspect of the magazine instead of print. I’m still figuring out what I want to do because when I made my schedule I wanted to work because I want to save up for a place closer to the city since my commute would is terrible. However if I can do both that would make me extremely happy.

Goal 3

To build more connections


The reason I included this is because my college is big on connections. With the field I want to go into, connections are everything. Of course making close friends would be nice too but I learned from past relationships you can’t force it so if I become close with anyone in college that’s great and I can’t wait for the new bonds and memories. However if I don’t, I’m also not going to worry so much because I still got people who love and support me which is all a person needs to stay motivated .

My action plan

My action plan for this simple because it’s something everyone should be doing which is being kind to others. There’s actually no need to be rude , no need to exclude people and honestly I had enough drama from high school to last a lifetime. I have a feeling most people feel the same way because college is way too expensive for the drama (especially if they come from out of state or international students). We all came to that college for the big reason to make our dreams happen. Everyone is going for what they want and honestly that already earned my respect because it’s not easy going for certain professions because you hear it’s too Uncommon or not practical. We are all entering the same situation of being freshmans all over again and supporting each other through our different journeys isn’t hard to do.

Goal 4

Become better at communicating


In order to fulfill my last goal, communications is the biggest aspect I need to improve on. Growing up I was shy which is ironic for someone who’s major is advertising and marketing communications. I never tried to make friends because I was afraid to put myself out there just to be disappointed all over again. I also was afraid of the judgment. However once I entered college and had orientation it was just a different energy that made me feel more social than I have felt in years. Even though that has improved and I’m getting better at talking to people I’m not familiar with , I don’t know how I’ll be when it comes to talking to larger crowds especially when we have presentations.

My action plan

For my action plan, I’m going to take advantage of my resources. At my college there is a writing- speaking center where they help you with what you need. I am alright at writing besides my grammar so what I mostly need help with making eye contact, projecting my voice and organizing ideas in my head to get my point across. I feel like this is something I will get better at time but it makes it easier that I don’t feel as socially isolated as I did in high school.

Goal 5

Make use of the time being


As much as academic are important, so is the experience. You only do things like this once and even if you go off to get your masters , it’s not the same thing. One thing I regret is letting my fears and anxiety along with bad people push me into social isolation to a point where it didn’t even feel like living. It felt like just barely making it through the date, like I was just existing. These years to come I want to do more than that, be stronger than who I was and live my best life.

My action plan

My action plan for this goal is to make more time for myself and friends. With everything happening , I still need to find time to adventure or I’ll be absolutely miserable. There needs to be a balance between recharging my energy (which a self care days ) and making memories with the new friends I make, my chosen family and my biological family. I want to take pictures, make jokes and laugh at all the times in the past when I thought I wouldn’t get through something . I want to be genuinely happy (even though I do feel like I am right now) and maintain it .

So that’s all for today’s blog. I know it seems a bit short but these are just my academic type goals. I plan to write out a full life update soon so if you want the tea about college, how it is, my goals overall that are personal etc. be sure to subscribe.

Also I'm sorry if you found it a bit boring but I figured by writing something like this not only does it give people ideas on how to set their goals but I feel like it shows that as people we all have our quirks, fears , insecurities and even if someone seems fine or perfect on the outside doesn’t mean it is always the case. If you feel alone whenever you make a mistake just know it’s human and don’t beat yourself up over it.

Also, I would appreciate if you share this with your friends and family.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋


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