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5 Ways to Glow Up Mentally

Episode No. 8

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What Inspired this Episode:

When I was writing this I was already in planning mode for my 2024 Glow Up. For me, glowing up is more than physical appearances, but also adopting a healthy mindset and habits for me to try in what I like to call the year of betting on myself. There were so many things I wanted out of life and this episode focuses on solely the mental work to get me in a place so that when I do the physical aspects it doesn't feel like I am pretending to be someone I'm not.

Questions I wanted to explore:

  • What does it mean to mentally glow up?

  • How can I improve my mental health for a mental glow-up?

  • What changes should I make in my daily routine for a mental glow-up?

  • What are some habits to develop for a mental glow-up?

  • How can a positive mindset contribute to a mental glow-up?

  • What are the signs of a mental glow-up?

  • How can I maintain my mental glow-up?

  • What are some exercises for a mental glow-up?

  • How can I overcome obstacles during my mental glow-up journey?

  • What are the long-term benefits of a mental glow-up?

  • What is the starting point for a mental glow-up?

  • How can I measure my progress during a mental glow-up?

  • What role does self-care play in a mental glow-up?

  • How does a mental glow-up affect my relationships?

  • What are some resources to aid my mental glow-up journey?

  • How can I stay motivated during my mental glow-up?

  • How does a mental glow-up impact my self-esteem?

  • Can a mental glow-up help reduce stress and anxiety?

  • What are the common challenges in a mental glow-up, and how can I overcome them?

  • How can I integrate a mental glow-up into my lifestyle?

  • What are journal prompts I can use to help me glow-up?

  • How to find a glow-up plan for the season?

Episode Description:

In this episode, we dive deep into powerful strategies to elevate your mindset and prepare yourself for a transformative year ahead. Whether you're a 20-something-year-old or simply someone who's passionate about building their dream life, this episode is for you.

Join us as we explore five essential ways to enhance your mental well-being and achieve personal growth in 2024. From cultivating a positive self-concept to incorporating gratitude practices and engaging in self-study, we provide valuable insights and actionable tips to help you create the life you envision.

So get ready to embark on this transformative journey with us and start 2024 with a renewed sense of purpose and empowerment. Let's GLOW UP together!

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Introduction + What I'm grateful for


-Started to post again on YouTube (click here to subscribe) -The positive sides of the internet -learning -no card pull -been in hermit mode (solo girl era) -no highlights/areas of growth segment

Having a positive self-concept


-Your mindset / your belief system (about life and yourself) -No comparison involved -Your perception -Be cautious of your words -no bad negative -The use of subliminals -watching people who focus on mindset work / motivational content

Developing a Gratitude Practice


-Making a blog post dedicated to Gratitude practice -It is strange how daily gratitude is mainly highlighted on Thanksgiving/Turkey day -How it influences overconsumption and comparison

Self Studying


-Study yourself -Studying your core values -Family History -Beliefs -Personality -Limiting Screen time -Overconsumption in the digital world -Supplement for self-studying -Getting in touch with yourself -Be with yourself

Making a list and scheduling


-Struggle with time blindness -To-do list vs Must do list -Develop your systems

Use Negative emotions to your benefit


-"Negative" emotions are part of the human process -12 week year: "Knowledge is power but it is useless if you don't use it " -Emotions come in waves -Ex: Jealousy -Self-awareness to figure out what that feeling



-Changed the way I described myself -Contentment -Courageous -Journal Prompt: Look at the list and think about what you need to prioritize most. Put in ranking order

BONUS CONTENT: Journal Prompts for Mentally Glowing up

Journaling is a huge part of "glowing up" and I am sharing with you some of the questions I answered during my mental development era. For me, honesty is something I want to delve deeper into. I wanted to explore the parts of myself good and bad, especially my most toxic tendencies. I feel like there is a misunderstanding when you do this because a lot of the questions I ask lean more into the dark parts and can be triggering for some people.

I had to learn before doing this that even if I have toxic traits and bad things about me, it doesn't make me a toxic person or bad person especially when I want to know what I do, why I do it, and learn ways to be better. Remember wanting to be better is not self-hating and it's not always a sign of insecurity, but a sign of growth, accountability, and love.

  • What is your relationship with yourself like? Do you spend quality alone time with yourself? Do you reward yourself mindfully when you accomplish something? Do you celebrate your growth and progress? How do you speak to yourself and about yourself? Is there a disconnection of how you present yourself to others and who you believe you are?

  • In what ways do you act responsible for yourself? Do you manage your inner world (emotions, mental health, insecurities, etc.) with the same care as your outer world (body care, environment, relationships, etc.)?

  • Do you love yourself or do you love aspects of who you are as opposed to the whole picture? For the parts you don't love, what makes you not like them? Where did those beliefs stem from?

  • Are you honest with yourself always? Do you lie to yourself as a form of protection? How often do you avoid hard truths?

  • Do you trust yourself? If not, what are ways that you can start to?

  • In what ways have you abandoned yourself in the past that still affect you in the present?

  • What causes you to react? What are ways you can better care for yourself in moments of being triggered?

  • When stress is presented to you what are the typical ways you cope? Are the ways you manage stress beneficial or is it a bandaid to the actual problem?

  • When you think about life, yourself, and your goals do you tend to look at the big picture or the details?

  • When seeking help, advice, or guidance, are you open to responses or are you looking to be validated? How much advice do you take and for the advice you turn from, what makes you ignore it?

  • For information to resonate with you, does it need to appeal to you? Do you respond better to pathos (empathy, values, inspiration), logos (logic, proof, reason, stats), or ethos ( experience, credibility, trust)?

  • In what ways do you practice self-accountability? Do you more often or not blame your problems on other people or your circumstances?

  • What is your system for problem-solving and decision-making? Do you typically act on impulse?

  • What is your current mindset? Does it possess any limiting beliefs? In what ways are your limiting beliefs trying to protect you and how can you reframe those beliefs so the ways it's protection doesn't hold you back?

  • Why do you think the way you think? Who had the biggest influence on you?

  • What has always made you curious in life? List all the things that pique your curiosity. What about those things interest you?

  • How does the concept of being wrong/ making mistakes make you feel? When you are wrong about something, how do you react? Do you own up to being wrong or do you argue and continuously look to prove your right? How does being wrong / making mistakes affect your perception of self?

  • Have you allowed your reputation to affect your character? Are you allowing other people's ideas and expectations of you to influence the person you are and the person you want to become?

  • How do you view change? Is it something that excites you or scares you? Do you think that wanting to change is a sign of inadequacy or means something is wrong with your way of being? Do you struggle to have a healthy balance between appreciating who you are and working on who you want to become? What causes your resistance to change if you have any?

  • Are you living in accordance with your version of success or someone else's? When was the last time you evaluated how you view success?

  • What is something you're grateful for that you often overlook? What is an obstacle you've faced, and what aspects of it can you be grateful for?

  • How do you define your personal boundaries and how are they reflected in your relationships?

  • What are some ways in which you've experienced your boundaries being violated and how did you react to it?

  • How comfortable are you in communicating your boundaries to others?

  • What steps do you take when your boundaries are not being respected?

  • How do you balance between maintaining your boundaries and being flexible in different situations?

  • Are there any boundaries that you find particularly difficult to maintain? Why do you think that is?

  • In what ways do you ensure that you're respecting the boundaries of others?

  • How does setting and maintaining boundaries contribute to your self-esteem and self-worth?

  • Do you set boundaries with yourself? If so, what are they and why are they important to you?

  • How do you enforce your self-boundaries, especially when you feel tempted to cross them?

  • How does maintaining self-boundaries contribute to your mental glow up?

Other activities for a mental glow up besides journaling can include:

  • Meditation and mindfulness exercises to improve focus and awareness

  • Reading self-help books or listening to educational podcasts (Like A Little Atypical) to gain new perspectives

  • Practicing gratitude to cultivate a positive outlook

  • Seeking therapy or counseling to address unresolved issues

  • Engaging in creative activities like painting or writing to express emotions

  • Prioritizing sleep to support overall mental health

  • Regularly spending time in nature to reduce stress and improve mood

  • Practicing self-care routines that promote relaxation and well-being

As you undertake your journey towards physical transformation, often referred to as a 'glow up', it is equally important to engage in activities that foster your mental and emotional growth. This parallel approach of working on your mental glow-up while focusing on your physical changes is a holistic strategy that serves to empower you from within, ensuring that your transformation is not just skin-deep. It acts as a powerful deterrent against feelings of self-hatred and imposter syndrome, which are common during periods of significant change.

As you construct your new identity, embracing mental glow-up activities allows you to stay grounded and connected to your authentic self. You are not losing yourself in the process of change, rather you are evolving, transforming, and refining your true essence. The mental glow-up journey can help you to navigate the changes with grace and resilience and to view the transformation process as a positive and self-affirming experience.

However, it's important to acknowledge that the journey towards a glow-up, whether physical or mental, can come with its share of challenges and growing pains. There may be moments of self-doubt, fear, and discomfort as you step out of your comfort zone and embrace the new. But maintaining a healthy mindset, and fostering a strong, compassionate, and accepting relationship with yourself can serve as protective factors.

These protective factors act as your safety net, catching you when you stumble and keeping you from regressing or resorting to toxic behaviors. They remind you that you are human, that it's okay to make mistakes, and that every step you take, no matter how small, is progress. They remind you to be patient with yourself, to celebrate your victories, and to learn from your challenges.

Remember that the glow-up journey is not about rejecting or despising who you were in the past. Rather, it is about embracing who you are now and nurturing the person you are becoming. It's about self-growth, self-improvement, and self-love. It's about becoming the best version of yourself, one day at a time.


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