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My Self Care Challenge

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Hey guys. It's Lay!

So as you can tell from the title I’m making my own self-care challenge and I want to start in May but I also want to write out the prompts here so if anyone wants to join me, they can. I also wanted to mention that I am only writing 2 posts in May because I really want to focus on myself that month. I do love writing and I love coming up with blog posts but it’s hard to find topics at this time. The media’s content is heavily coronavirus content and I don’t want to keep writing content revolving around it and not getting much traffic on posts that aren’t speaking on it.

New content will keep coming on the blog but not blog posts. I created new sections to the site such as my vlog (my youtube videos) and shareables ( which is full of things for your Instagram/ Snapchat story and things to do if you get bored) but I get pretty down when posts don't do as well as I hope so I would rather take some time to come up with new content ideas that are different and unique. Anyways let's get started.

Day 1- Write down 10 things you love about yourself

Try to only list things that are not about physical appearance. This exercise is about reminding yourself of your character. Looks aren't eternal so reminding yourself of your talents and traits will make you grow your self-esteem.

Day 2- Have a pamper day

Take notes on what you did, what did you use, and use the peace and quiet to reflect on yourself. Make note of what made you feel the most relaxed.

Day 3 - Write down 5 of your flaws

Try to keep this to internal traits just like the first one. At the end of writing it, make sure to write down the flaws aren't the worst thing in the world because everyone has them. In order to be truly accepting of who you are, you have the not so good parts as well.

Day 4- Try meditation

How did you feel after? Is this something you want to continue practicing?

Day 5-Write down 3 of your insecurities

Why do you feel insecure about those things? Is it because of your past, society, friends/family or is it something that just happened? Can you actually change those things about yourself? Do you want to change those things about yourself or is it because of anyone else? If you have insecurities because of others and you don't want to change those things, how are you going to learn to be accepting of those things?

Day 6- Do a workout

It can be core, weights, cardio, dancing. How does it feel after working out?

Day 7- Go natural all day (no makeup, wig, etc.)

Do you feel comfortable that way? Why or why not?

Day 8- Write down your dream life

What profession do you see? Where do you want to live? Do you see yourself traveling? Do you see yourself settling down? This is essentially what is motivating you.

Day 9-Try yoga

How does it feel after? Would you try this again?

Day 10- Write down 20 things you thankful for

As people we tend to forget what we have. Try to find thing that are good in your life even if it is something having a roof over your head, having food, having people who love you etc. It can be people, it can be objects and explain why you are thankful

Day 11-Take a nap

How long was the nap? did it make you more energized? How did it affect your sleep that night?

Day 12 -Create a dream board on Pinterest

Even though you wrote about it, sometimes having a vision board will make a person more motivated to keep going for their dreams.

Day 13 - Drink water all day (no beverages with sugar)

This is more challenging than you think. This includes no tea, no coffee, no juice, no soda, etc. This tests your will power. How did you feel after drinking water all day?

Day 14- Write down how are you feeling

This is to do a mental check-in after two weeks of challenging yourselves. Before you started, how did you feel? Are you making any improvements?

Day 15- Dress up/ Glow up

Put on a nice outfit, do your hair, put on some make up etc. How do you feel after? Compare it to how you felt in your natural state. Is there a huge difference in confidence? Which state do you feel like the most yourself in?

Day 16-Write down a list of people who inspire you

This can be historical people, friends, family, celebrities etc. Also say why they inspire you.

Day 17- Read a section from something spiritual

Not everyone is religious so this isn't just about religion. There are books that are spiritual but not religious, you just need to find them. Just read something that aligns with what you believe in. What did you learn after reading?

Day 18- Write down a list of things that make you smile

It can be people, an object, a type of food, music, etc. just think about things that make you really happy.

Day 19- Watch a documentary

Watch something new and something you haven't seen before. Choose something that really interests you. Whether you like animals, food, music, etc. Did you learn anything new?

Day 20- What are your favorite feature(s) of yourself

This should be a physical trait because people we tend to focus on what we don't like about ourselves instead of the good. Why do you like it? Try to put as much as you can.

Day 21- Finish a book

It can be any book you want but try to spend the day reading. What genre did you choose and why?

Day 22 -Clean your room

Spend the day cleaning. How does it make you feel when your space is tidy? What are ways you can keep it tidy?

Day 23 - Write a low point in your life

Write down a time in your life that you thought you would never overcome. write about how strong you are and the changes your life had since then. If you are at your lowest point, write down how you think you got there and what changes you can make to get to a better place in your life?

Day 24- Draw a picture

Draw a picture of something that makes you happy, makes you feel inspired, that reminds you of a good time in life etc. Even if you aren't the best artist, it's still worth a shot.

Day 25- Write down the negative things you say often and rephrase them to sound positive

For example if you say how "you always mess things up" change it to "I am human and I learned from this". How you react to yourself is more important than how others react to yourself.

Day 26- Clean your closet

Spend the day cleaning. How does it make you feel when it's tidy? What are ways you can keep it tidy?

Day 27- Write down a list of things that drains your energy

We often get drained and unmotivated so acknowledging what causes those negative emotions can help you prevent those feelings from coming often.

Day 28- Cook a healthy meal

Go on Pinterest and find a meal that is nourishment to the body.

Day 29- Get 8 hours of sleep

Rest is an important part of self-care. We tend to underestimate the amount of sleep our bodies need. Sleep for 8 hours and see if it makes a difference in how productive and how motivated you are in the day.

Day 30- Write down a list of affirmations

Affirmations are the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering a belief that "a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything." Here are examples of them:

Day 31- Write down how you feel after doing this challenge

What did you like from challenge ? How did it make you feel? Do you feel different than you did before? Are any of these going to turn into a habit?

If you know me, you know self-care and self-love are extremely important to me. The last time I wrote about this in a blog post was How to: take care of yourselves. You should check it out after this one because I actually explain more about self-care there. Also be sure to check out last weeks blog. If you are interested in dreams it is the perfect article for you. Also there is no youtube video this week because I've been feeling very off but there are still videos up from last Friday such as "Things to do when you're bored" but don't forget to subscribe. I've been very off and out of it this week which is why I need to refresh myself. I honestly think most of the drained feeling is coming from school because once we choose our classes for the next semester, I always feel so unmotivated after and just excited to start new classes.

I hope everyone is doing well. Stay healthy and safe. Also don't forget to share this post with friends, family or on your social media accounts if you enjoyed it.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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1 Comment

I love this idea so much. I love journal prompts or challenges. I think I might just have to get involved in this.

Thank you for sharing.

Claire x

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