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How to: take care of yourself

Updated: May 17

Hey guys

It’s Lay.

I’m currently waiting for a bus to go to therapy and while I'm here waiting I was thinking how things like mental health isn’t talked about as often as it should be.

So since I haven’t wrote blogs in such a long time prior to my update I want to make up as many as possible. One of them I planned to do a “How to” and given how honest I’ve been about my depression, anxiety etc. I want to help others who has also been struggling so I’m going to give a list of things a person can do in order to help yourself.

The tips:

1. Understand what is self care

Self care isn't selfish is a phrase you often hear but sometimes use the idea of self care to make excuses for their actions. I had a best friend who made excuses and hid behind the excuse of self care and claimed the things she did was "because she wanted to do what was best for her". Hurting people isn't self care. Lying about things to make yourself feel better isn't self care. Making others feel guilty about what they did wrong while failing to see your own fault isn't self care. While self care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's health, you shouldn't have to destroy someone else's in order to achieve it. If you need to destroy someone's happiness in order to get some of your own, you have deeper issues to work out and please look for help.

2. Take some time and space to figure out what you truly want

This may be one of the most difficult parts of your journey. No one likes being alone but sometimes it's what a person needs. You space from others to truly see what you want . Emotions and others people's opinions could distract you and alter your idea of what you need. It may take awhile to figure out what you truly desire and the people who care about you will know you aren't being distant to hurt them but you need to do this for yourself to figure out things. They will be there when you are ready to let them in again.

3. Get more rest

This is something many people are bad at because they take on so many things at once. They need to make more time to make sure they aren't doing too much and how person can tell if they are is through the amount of rest. If you feel like you can't sleep in order to finish things, you may want to re-evaluate and cut things out things that unnecessary and draining.

4.Establish a morning routine

This seems random but honestly, having a good morning routine can set the tone for the entire day. You may not see it as important but starting the day right by stretching, exercising, eating breakfast, watching a show or listening music / podcast gives you the right energy and you'll be more positive. Doing things you love in the morning or things that make you feel better is a huge part of your health. So instead of sleeping in, give yourself a chance to wake up early and do things that will make you feel happier and fulfilled.

5. Reward yourself

Sometimes we forget life is too short not to enjoy. So spending money on yourself isn't the most selfish thing in the world. If you've been getting straight A's or been working hard at your full capability, there is no shame in treating yourself to the video game you wanted or having a day to get your nails done. Treating yourself is not an issue as long as you do it occasionally and don't go above your budget.

6. Schedule days off

These days are just for you. You take some time to be alone and not focus on work, friends, family etc. just yourself. You don't go out, you just do enjoyable things from home. This is an occasional thing that you do once or twice a month or if you want you can make it a weekly thing. You can do things for a self care day like:

  • Having a spa day

  • Playing video games

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Watching movies

  • Catching up on sleep

  • Cooking/ Baking

  • Exercising

  • Painting

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Playing an instrument

  • Coloring

  • Start a personal project

7. Learn to pace yourself and prioritize

This is to limit your stress because stress has a huge impact on your health. My best advice is to try not to take on too many things at once. Doing too much will weigh down on you so set some priorities by when something is due and how important it is. Make it a goal to work on things little by little so you won't have to rush as well.

8. Make time for your loved ones

I know I mentioned space is healthy for a person but too much space isn't good either. Making time for your friends and family is good for your social health and can bring positive energy in your life if your around. If your friends aren't supporting you, boosting your energy and motivation, you may have to re-evaluate your relationships with them.

My self care/ Motivational playlist

Me, Myself and I - G Eazy ft Bebe Rexha

Love Myself - Olivia O'Brien

NASA- Ariana Grande

Hurts like hell- Maddison Beer ft Offset

High Hopes - Panic! At the disco

Money- Cardi B

I Do- Cardi B

Self Care- Mac Miller

No tears left to cry- Ariana Grande

Thank U, next- Ariana Grande

Breathin- Ariana Grande

TREAT MYSELF- Meghan Trainor

Party for one- Carly

Without me- Halsey

Wow. - Post Malone

Sue me- Sabrina Carpenter

My Shit- A boogie wit da hoodie

Finesse- Bruno Mar ft Cardi B

Leave Me alone- Flipp Dinero

Level up- Ciara

One Woman Army- Ciara

Thunder- Imagine Dragons

There is probably a lot more songs but these were the ones I can think of. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this blog. Honestly I missed writing this month and I just want to be able to make more time for it. I came up with so many new ideas. I am almost done with my senior year basically by April the work load is much lighter and we will do more senior activities which means I will be able to spend more time doing what I love. I hope you find this blog helpful and that you'll share it with friends and family. Don't forget to read previous blogs as well.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

P.S. The photos used in this post aren't mine so photo credit to the owners :) .


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