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#3: The Icon of the month

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Hey guys.

It's Lay.

How are you all doing? I know with this pandemic going on things feel a little crazy right now. I feel that but it's really important to keep a positive mind set at this time because adding negativity to something that already isn't ideal won't make it ideal. I've been filling my time with coming up with some projects, cleaning, working on school work etc. I also been coming up with new concepts for blog posts in the future to connect with readers some more.

So as you know if you are a long time viewer, at the end of each month I like to choose either a celebrity or influencer to do research on so that I can talk about their fashion and aspects of their lifestyle that are inspiring. The last two I did were Rihanna and Selena Gomez because I adore them and everyone I chose to write about inspires me in some way. In case, I never said it before it's always going to be a female this year because I am mostly choosing based of who influences me but in the future I had an idea that would be more inclusive to more people and add more diversity into my writing.

With all that being said the person, the person I chose to write about this month is Lizzo.

I chose Lizzo because when I am down there is just always something about her music that cheers me up. At first, I wasn't used to her style of music but the lyrics is what made me love the songs and I just feel like her as a person radiates positivity. A lot of people always has a lot of negative to say about her and it's heart breaking to see people still aren't kinder, but for every negative comment there is a lot more positive ones. However the way she expresses herself she is so unapologetic herself regardless of the hate and the embodiment of self confidence which is what we should all be striving for.

So I'm going to start out with what I always start with: my favorite fashion/ beauty pictures from her instagram

Lizzo's style and beauty

Lizzo's fashion taste matches her energy as a person: vibrant and bold. These were my favorites from her instagram because in my eyes she looks stunning. Her skin is glowing, makeup slaying and her hair representing black girl magic. Although all the pictures, I chose we're more glamorous, there is a lot of photos on her instagram where she looks just equally as beautiful in a natural sense. Her Instagram she post what she wants regardless of the possibility of negative comments and just shows herself being so comfortable with who she is. It makes people who follow her want to follow her message and accept themselves as who they are which is a beautiful message that needs to be sent.

Her Tik Toks

Tik tok was originally until August 2, 2018 which caused it to become one of the most popular apps for younger generations (Gen-z) but once celebrities and influencer realized that the app is becoming the next big thing in the social media world, many of them created their own. The earliest video on Lizzo's Tik tok was from September 2016 when it was and the one after was June 2019 but the rest are from 2020.

The content she post is really relatable and so carefree. She is so confident with what she posts and I admire it since I still can't bring myself to make one yet (mainly because I find it so confusing and I also get intimidated trying to do it). Once she posted a video calling out Tik tok because videos of her in a swimsuit kept getting removed (which sadly is a huge problem on Tik Tok) and in the comments people kept calling out Charli in the comments tearing her down which wasn't fair to Charli because it's not like she did anything wrong. Lizzo showed she supported her by dueting Charli's video where she celebrates her accomplishments which shows to call out the wrong in society : you don't need to drag someone down,

Her story

"Faced with an increasingly demanding schedule and feeling disconnected from friends and loved ones, she had an emotional breakdown while on tour in the spring of 2018, a move that led her to start therapy. “That was really scary,” she told me just prior to the album’s release. “But being vulnerable with someone I didn’t know, then learning how to be vulnerable with people that I do know, gave me the courage to be vulnerable as a vocalist.” ~ Rolling stones interview

“I think that I had a luxury and a privilege to be able to sleep on the floor of my drummer’s house, to be able to sleep in a car my sister gave me, to be able to sleep at the studio where my rock band performed, to be able to sneak into 24 Hour Fitness and use the showers there.”

When I was researching about her, I found out so many things about her and a lot of things that happened to her were similar to things in my own life (like losing my dad or struggling to accept me or my body) to which is probably why she resonates to me. I chose these quotes to demonstrate the motivation she has. Many people if they were in her situation, they wouldn't see it he way she did. A lot of times people don't recognize what they have but I feel like after going through something that puts a toll on you and your lifestyle, people grow to have appreciation for things around them but that is the energy we need to have every day .

She also had the strength to recognize when she needed help. She could've been stubborn but she decided to get help and allowed herself to become more vulnerable. Her vulnerability is what formed her music style and that encourages people to just be themselves. 2018 and 2019 (the beginning of 2019) were rough in a lot ways for me but because I've been doing so much thinking because life has been moving at a slower pace; one thing I realized is that when people are in the middle of situations, they feel is fear and sadness and just feel like it's going to be forever. I feel like we forget that all things come to an end at some point and that includes bad. Even with the crisis going on, I feel like there is a silver lining to it and I have the privilege to live at home with my mom, who always been providing for me since I was born and I'm so grateful for it. When this situation is over I feel like everyone is going to have more appreciation for things that they never did before.

A year ago I didn't even have that mentally and I'm happy that I learned it. This outlook is what got me through things and I have to be grateful, what helped me was her music.

Lizzo's approach to life exemplifies the way people need to live:

  • We need to recognize the good in our lives and appreciate the little things

  • We have to take chances on ourselves

  • We need to support and love ourselves

  • We need to be able to give back to other in any way we can

Lizzo's lifestyle of being a giver and helping causes like helping out at a food bank, of being so content with who she is and teaching people to be proud ( regardless of their race, body shape, sexuality etc.) , praising people instead of tearing them down and working hard for everything that she has now. Everything Lizzo got she deserves because it takes a certain ambition to turn your life around and you can only get so far having negative attitudes.

Well that's all for today. If you have any artist recommendations for me, I'll be glad to check them out so comment some of your favorite artists.

Before I go, I want to apologize because this blog isn't how I usually write. I feel like being inside hasn't made me bored but finding a way to manage college and getting back into things has been a bit difficult this week. Some of the assignments was just frustrating and for many classes I have to do a midterm. I am also overwhelmed about a new project I finally started and I hope you'll check it out. However once I get more comfortable with this new way of living, in the words of Lizzo, I'm going to: boss up and change my life.

For my readers who are also out there struggling, make sure to take a step back and try to find positive in the problem which may be hard and I'm not trying to dismiss what's happening which is what I addressed before. However as people, we need to train our minds to be positive because during the bad times it is the only thing that will keep you motivated to stay on your feet. Thank you for reading and I hope you are all staying safe. If you enjoyed, please be sure to like, comment and share to others.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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1 Comment

Mar 30, 2020

Lizzo is so beautiful and doesn’t deserve the hate she gets but I’m so glad she doesn’t let it tear her down! She’s a great choice of celebrity!

-Kyra |

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