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#1: The Icon of the month

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Hey guys.

It's Lay.

So this is something completely new. I actually thought of this last year but I didn't want to start it until this year. As you know I have many concepts on this blog from lifestyle advice, to my thoughts on a topic. Even though lifestyle is my main niche, Fashion and beauty are huge parts of my lifestyle and I want to bring more of that to my blog this year. So how this will work is that I will name someone whether it's a celebrity or well known influencer every last blog post of the month. Originally this was just going to be based off of style but I figured it would be a lot more informative to talk about them as a person overall as well as my favorite looks from them.

So I'm proud to announce the first women icon is Rihanna.

You probably saw that coming from the cover picture but it was still worth announcing.

I've always been a Rihanna fan since I heard the song "Don't stop the music" and to this day I still jam out to her old music. Even though music hasn't been her scene for years, she's moved on to bigger things to a point where her network is $600 million which made her the richest female musician of 2019.

My favorite looks from Rihanna

Before I get into the facts as to what makes Rihanna such a boss babe. I wanted to list my top 10 favorite looks from her. All of them are from her instagram @badgalriri

What I admire most about her style it can go from from extreme out there look to sporty casual to baddie . I'm a huge fashion lover and I've always been that way. One thing that I did when I was younger was drive style inspiration from my favorite celebrities. Rihanna's style is so sexy but in a way that is very sophisticated and classy.

I also find her just extremely gorgeous because her skin always looks glowy in pictures. Besides being a talented, beautiful and stylish person, what makes her iconic is her business skills and her attitude.

How her businesses changed the industry

Unless you are living under a rock, you would've heard about Rihanna's make up brand Fenty Beauty and her lingerie brand Savage x Fenty. The reason why her businesses are so important is because they broke the barrier of beauty. Both added diversity to the industry in different ways.

If you look at her lingerie models they are all different from ethnicity to size and once even had model who was pregnant (which was empowering for the fact in society there is stigma about mothers about how they should look, act and dress and by showing a women pregnant in lingerie demonstrates the woman's control over her own body). In comparison, other popular lingerie lines mainly use girls of the same body type where the majority are Caucasian. I am short, curvy and Jamaican decent so along with being bullied not seeing anyone who looks like me in fashion was really discouraging (especially since that was the industry I wanted to be in). There is still a lack of short people as models but seeing more body types and different skin tones filled my heart with joy.

As for Fenty Beauty, when it was released there was for 40 shades and since it has been released they added 10 more shades. This was amazing because the biggest struggles for girls who wear make up is finding foundation to match your skin. Usually girls used to just had to keep mixing until it was similar to their tone. With this much shades it allows for more inclusiveness. It had shades ranging from 100 to 490. This opened the eyes of the beauty community to realize their foundations weren't inclusive enough and it paved the way for shades.

Her community work- CLF

I feel like this is less known so I wanted to include a part speaking about her part within activism. She actually started Clara Lionel Foundation in 2012 which was named after her grandparents. The main objective is to improve quality of life in less fortunate parts of the world. Education is also an important part for this organization. If you want to learn more about it, here's the link to CLF and there are also a video on her youtube channel to see what the organization has done. I'm going to be honest and say that before doing more research into her, I wasn't aware of her humanitarian activities. She is a very humble person and I'm so impressed that she's a celebrity who gives back to the world. Many celebrities with large platforms only uses their money to invest into their own businesses to make themselves richer.

Her attitude

I feel like when we say the word "attitude " it always has a negative connotation to it but an attitude doesn't always have to mean a bad thing. I feel like an attitude can just be simply how you go about things and the energy you produce. Rihanna produces fierce boss babe energy. If you even look how she stands when she gives speeches or even just the way she walks , she just drips with confidence. Of course all humans have insecurities but by the way she acts you wouldn't even know it.

In her first selfie of the new year, she posted it make up free. I admire her for this because it takes a lot for a person to go make up free as well as filter free and to do so while having a blemish. Society shames people for things that are natural and the fact she posted this shows even someone who has a makeup company and many girls look up to have beautiful skin has her own imperfections. (It shouldn't even be known as an imperfection because it's something that just happens especially if you are like me and have oily skin).

This shows she has absolutely nothing to hide and is comfortable in her skin. Someone tried to come for her and tell her to pop it (which is one the worst things you can do skin care wise because it leads to irritation and scarring) and she clapped back and told her to let her pimple have her shine.

Her IDGAF attitude is the type of energy we need in 2020. She's so unapologetic for being who she is and that is what we all need to be because we are all so special in completely different ways.

I feel genuinely proud to admire someone who survived the worst parts of her life and was able to transform herself into a much better place.

So that is all for today. I really hope you all enjoyed reading this. The day this goes up will be not only the birthday of my late father but also the birthday of an old friend. So if she's reading this: Happy birthday and I truly hope you enjoy your day .

Be sure like, comment and share this blog post with friends and family and also check out other parts of my blog . I hope you are having an amazing morning, day, night etc. whatever time it is and I hope this decade is filled with so much happiness, love and joy.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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