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Valentines Day Inspired Make up look (Feb. 2019)

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Hey guys!

It's lay !

I'm so excited to do my first make up look on this blog and with Valentines day coming up I though it would be the perfect time to attempt an inspired look. I'm not a professional make up artist and honestly I only started wearing make up 2 years ago so I just do it for fun.

Anyways, I tried to break down what I did as simple as possible.

Hope you enjoy the look.

Products used

Urban Decay Alice through the Looking glass Palette

Shades used- Cake , Salazen Grum, Looking Glass

Anastasia Sultry Palette

Shaded used - rose quartz

Touch in SOL liquid eye shadow (glittery pink)

Elf Falsies (Winged and Bold)

Hot Topic White Eyeliner

Too Faced melted matte - suck it

Tarte lipstick in Birthday Suite

Too Faced lip gloss - Pink Swan

Nars Concealer - Amande

Becca concealer - Cedar

Anastasia Brow Duo Powder

Mini Dior foundation

Kat von D ink well liner - black trooper

Fenty highlighter - Moscow mule


1. Prep skin by moisturizing and priming

2. Use Anastasia brow brush to make an outline for the shape

3. Use the lighter side of the brow duo to fill most of the brow besides the front

4.Use darker side of brow duo to outline the bottom, back part on top area of brow and fill in back part (brow should have ombre effect)

5. Use Nars concealer to give more definite shape

6. Blend concealer and apply highlight under brow

7. Repeat steps 2-6 on other brow

8. Move on to eyeshadow

9. Start with looking glass as a base color all over lid

10. Use Cake in crease and on lower lid

11. Blend accordingly

12. Use Salazen Grum on outer corner of eye to deepen look

13. Blend inwards to have ombre effect

14. Repeat steps 9-13 on other eyelid

15. On the right eye, use white eyeliner to draw a shape of a heart

16. Use The glitter of the liquid eyeshadow and the rose gold color from sultry to fill it in

17. Use Fenty highlighter on center of eyelid and inner corner of eye

18. Repeat step 17 on left eye

19. Use Kat Von D eye liner in the shade trooper to make wing on both eyes (on the right side , wing should partially go through the heart)

20. Apply mascara to both eyes (push lashes upward and outward, away from lid so falsies will be easier to put on.

21. Put on foundation

22. Use Concealer under eyes , bridge of nose , forehead and chin

23. This step is optional but contour for definition , if you do this I suggest using setting powder

24. Highlight in select areas

25. Apply blush on both cheeks

26. Put on Falsies on both eyes

27. Put on Too face melted matte

28. Put on Tarte lipstick in center only

29. Blend and then put on Too faced pink swan

30. Use setting spray

I really love this look and I hope the steps were easy to follow. Also the only one missing from products use it the tarte because it has gone missing. Please don't forget to subscribe and share with your friends and family. Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time,

XOXO Lay 💋

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