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The Internal Renaissance: Wellness and Mindset in 2021

This image was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian man. Instead of layering the figures behind each other. I wanted to separate them because humans have different layers to them. This represents the different layers and motion people have throughout their journey. The plants and butterflies added is to symbolize the growth.
The Internal Renaissance

So exciting!

Another year inspires an eruption of new ideas. I guess I'll start with a small introduction. My name is Alayjah, but you can call me Lay. I've been blogging for officially two years. In those two years, I had written a variety of content, but I am deciding to niche down this year, which explains the title but to simplify what this is: it's a self-development blog.

What is "Internal Renaissance"?

"Internal Renaissance" is the phrase I am using to describe a shift in mindest coming forth in 2021. 2020 was a rough year that caused a change in so many people's mental health. There had been an increase in anxiety, many people are experiencing their days' morph, and suicide rates have increased. All of this is painful, but the one positive to come from this is conversations about mental health and wellness are a lot more normalized. 2020 had disrupted where we draw our inspiration and motivation. As a response, we need to find those things and create a balance within ourselves.

How will wellness and health be in 2021?

The world is still in a strange place. Many people pray that things return to normal, but I don't believe things will return to what we knew as normal. We're in a period of change. History taught me that in periods where we are in progress of change, there is no normal. We have an opportunity to re-defy what normal is and design patterns to create normalcy within ourselves.

Another Self- improvement blog? What will make this one different?

I was always a lifestyle blog, but lifestyle is a very general term. I've had this blog since December 31st, 2018. Over the two years, I made so many discoveries about myself. When I just started blogging, I was only in high school, and doing this blog is one of the few things that kept me going back then and one of the few things giving me a purpose in this pandemic. I could have decided that I wanted to make this blog a fashion or beauty blog since those are also a part of my interests. However, I have other outlets for those things like Youtube. My major made me interested in the way people interact, the needs people have, and just in the world around me.

Being observational is another reason why I want to do this. I feel like the current self-improvement blogs are very one tracked and make things sound very easy. I want to talk about self-improvement, a new perspective that diversifies perspectives.

Self-improvement is slow, it's not a one-size-fits-all approach, and most importantly, when you look at self-improvement, it can go beyond you. Self-improvement involves your relationship with yourself, your body, and your mind. It can also be the boundaries you set with other people, what you want your relationships to look like, how you talk to strangers, and even how you deal with changes in relationships when you are in this process.

We are in a time where those things seem blurred, but self-improvement starts internally because we use our minds and hearts to visualize the life that will make us happy. I want this to be a raw blog that describes the journey, including the ups and downs of self-improvement and how things external to you impact the process.

Thank you so much for reading, and if you already aren't subscribed, I am looking forward to building a relationship with you. Remember, you can always contact me if you need advice or have things you want to see as a post. Have a good day, evening, or night, and I hope you have an incredible time in 2021.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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Malaya Dean
Malaya Dean
Jan 08, 2021

I love that you stated that we have to create a new normal because you are absolutely right about the fact we will never return to our usual normalcy. I'm working on finding a balance and also creating new patterns in my life to help define what is my new normal. This was such a great post!


Fransic Verso
Fransic Verso
Jan 07, 2021

I agree. We don't know how 2021 will be as we are in a strange place. I hope it will be better!

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