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How to: Relieve Stress

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Hey guys.

It’s Lay.

I’m trying to be more active and manage my time better which is why you’ll notice I’ve been posting more on Instagram and trying to go on twitter more.

So for weeks, I’ve been planning collaboration and requests for weeks. So I’ve been talking to a beauty and book blogger named Karalee. Her blog is called Tales of Belle and we came up with an idea that works for both of our niches.

Stress is something that is inevitable. We can’t control what happens to us but we can control our response to it. Whether it’s work or a person in your life, in this blog I’m going to give you a list of things you can do to help you de-stress.

1. Spa day

This is the perfect way to relax. If you can’t afford a real spa day, DIY one at home. Either by a mask or make one from natural remedies (you can find so many online). Take a nice bath, drink some tea and either listen to music or catch up on a show. Baths just make you so relax and gives you time to arrange your thoughts.

2. Exercising or sports

There is just something about exercising that really helps release stress and tension. When I walk on the treadmill, it feels like I’m walking away from all the negativity. Studies have proven when you exercise it releases a chemical in the brain called endorphins which act as a natural painkiller. I prefer exercise to sports only because I don’t have the coordination it takes for many of them so I’m bad at the majority of them. However, last year when I was at a low point I took boxing class and I loved it. There was just something about the way the glove hit things that I loved. Anytime I hit something I just felt all my negative energy leaving my body. I definitely want to do boxing again in the future as well as different forms of dance.

3. Meditation

Like exercise, it also releases endorphins. Personally I never tried it but I heard about it from many people who did. They say it feels like the stress raises from their body and they become completely zen. It may not be for everyone but it’s still worth trying. There are many ways for you to learn, you can read about it to study the art of it or even watch YouTube videos with instructions on how to do so. My favorite to watch about this stuff is Kalyn Nicholson, she talks about it a lot along with yoga, tarot cards, zodiacs, self-care, etc.

4. Reading

I know some people hate reading but it’s actually something really good to do when you’re overwhelmed. I recently started reading again, for the past year I only read the books assigned to me from English class, some I liked, some I hated and others I was sad to never read. Recently I got a few books, 2 are self-help and one is poetry. The one I’m currently reading is “You are a badass” by Jen Sincero. I’m only on chapter 6 but I really love it, it helps you gain a new perspective of the world around you and the way you think. I also love how she uses stories and swear words to get her point across. My mom is reading the other self-help book called why men love bitches. last summer when I was reading the book why men marry bitches by the same author, she read some of the books while when I was at work. It was from the library so I had to return it and she wanted to finish it someday so she said she would buy it. Since Barnes and nobles had a sale, she decided she’ll get it and 2 books for me. Since they didn’t have why men marry bitches, I got her a version that’s similar to it. The last book I got was pillow thoughts by Courtney Peppernell since I was dying to read it but I want to wait for the fall because poetry gives me more fall and winter vibes.

Personally I love self-help books because it gives me inner peace and helps me see a different perspective. Poetry on the other hand makes me feel more emotionally connected because they would write something that is relatable to how I feel and it reminds me even if someone isn’t exactly going through what I am, they still feel the same feelings. It reminds feelings are valid and it’s okay to have different emotions, good or bad.

Books have different effects on a person. Some can take you to a different world, some explain things you don’t understand, some give you hope, etc.

5. Drawing or painting

I prefer drawing to painting because I grew up loving clothes and always created outfits and stuff. However, some people find it when they paint to be something that helps them calm down. It just focus your energy on something more positive and it’s something really enjoyable to do as an individual or to call some friends over and have like an art party.

6.Journaling or writing

Clearly I’m someone who enjoys writing because that is what I do as a blogger and what I’m going to college for. It gives me a clear state of mind and just brings me inner peace. As a lifestyle blogger, I am very expressive of my emotions and opinions and writing gives me the perfect outlet to use. However, there are some things a person shouldn’t share online and that’s when journaling or writing in a diary is good for you. Maybe even be creative and wrote a poem or a song. Create your own world in fiction and take your mind off the reality.

7. Talking to a trusted person

This is something people tend to forget to do because they don’t trust people or they do but they don’t want to bother them with their issues. Trusting someone is hard but you can’t spend your life being so paranoid that no one is for you that you miss out on all people had a lot to offer. Some people are genuine and other people just care about knowing your business but you have to remember that’s not everyone. As for the other thing, it’s understandable why you don’t want to put your problems on someone else but sometimes your friends just want to be there for you. Even if they don’t have the answer to your problems, they just want you to be able to vent to them. Having someone there just reminds you there are people who care. I’m incredibly blessed to have a friend group that supports me and that are there for each other.

So that’s all the tips I have for today. I hope you enjoyed this blog because I tried to make it as personal as possible. Be sure to check out Tales of Belle blog for more ways to relieve stress and share the blogs with friends and family. Don’t forget to subscribe and check out previous blogs.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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Naomi Curston
Naomi Curston
22. Juli 2019

Thank you for sharing your tips! I agree with all of them, but in particular I think being creative is a great way to have some 'me' time, as is reading. It just gets you away from screens, which I find quite soothing.

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