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Fall 2019 : Fashion Inspiration

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Hey guys.

It’s Lay!

I’m currently on my commute home from my college when inspiration struck for this week’s blog. As most of you know I went to a school where we lacked individuality into terms of clothing. I had to wear uniform pretty much my entire life except 1 year in elementary school (2nd grade was a good year). Before I go any deeper into this post I wanted to clarify that I didn’t go to private school.

On Instagram there was a British niche account who was comparing American public schools Britain’s and one thing that caught my attention was the comparison of attires. There actually a good amount of public American schools that wear uniform (especially in New York but I’m not sure about other states).

Anyways considering I started college, I had the freedom to wear what I want and since I go to FIT (which was most recently named the world’s best fashion school), I thought it would be a good idea to post a fashion blog for the fall. It’s not fall yet but you can start shopping for it before it comes. So I’m going to divide this blog into sections. The first part will be colors and patterns I believe are good the season. Then, there will be specific pieces that bring together the fall aesthetic . So please enjoy

Colors to wear

I had to do a bit of research so the ones I pulled out I either had an opinion on it or completely agreed. However for more ideas I’m leaving the link I used. Overall Autumn is good for earthy colors and neutrals so this is my list for fall 2019 based on research and my own opinion.

1.Burgundy Red + Merlot

Red is my all time favorite to wear. I wore it to jr. prom in middle school and senior prom in high school. To me it’s a universal color that somehow manage to look good on everyone. Burgundy and Merlot are both shades of red and they both scream fall.

2.Deep Yellow + Gold

Honestly yellow isn’t one of my favorite colors because it’s sometimes very bright in my opinion but there’s just something about a dark yellow (like a mustard color) in the Fall that I love. Gold in general is just very elegant and classic so adding gold to your ensamble

3.Orange + Rust

Orange is something weird for me because I love an orangey makeup looks and I have an orange aesthetic on instagram but orange is not one of my favorite colors. I think it's cute though and it reminds me of my favorite things(pumpkin spice frappes, pumpkin pie etc.) so I like it.As for rust, it looks like a darker shade of orange to me and I'm naturally drawn to darker colors.

4. Olive Green

I don’t own nor wear a lot of green but when it comes down to it I love darker shades of green like military green or olive. I recently got something in like an olive shade and I love it. I feel like it’s a down to earth color and it just makes someone look more fall aesthetic.


Personally I love gray more for decor but in general gray is such a comforting color that just makes me feel safe and reminds me of home because I have a blanket and pillow thats gray, my organizers are gray and my makeup chair is gray. I love gray for the winter more but gray is a color that I am attached to and fall is all about comfort and those good feelings.


Brown is something I do not own enough of but I always wanted to get more. For my skin tone browns is a nude color for me. Tans - Brown clothing are nice is the sense that it‘s warm and reminds me of warm things like hot cocoa, coffee, brownies, cookies etc. To me that’s a sweet way to look at it.


This is something I read and don’t completely agree with. I love purple because it’s my favorite color but it doesn’t give me fall vibes unless it’s a darker purple. Lavender is very pastel to me and it gave me more spring vibes but some people may agree with the trends so I’m going to include it on the list.

8.Animal patterns

I don’t recall this being on the list but it was such a trend before I don’t think it should die. Fall is all about connection and what’s better way to connect to the earth (fashion wise I mean since obviously there’s a lot of things you can do to connect environmentally but that’s another story) then to dress as some of our favorite creatures’ patterns.

Apparel ideas

1.Combat boots

I love boots in the fall. Booties are really cute but since I have flat feet I don’t wear them often. I love combat boots because they are comfortable and give me more of a vintage vibe. They are definitely a fall favorite especially if you like the badass/grunge style. If you can wear booties comfortably I would suggest to (especially if you have more of a traditional feminine style) but to be super comfortable boots, wear uggs.

2.Faux leather jackets

The reason why I include faux is because a lot of people are becoming more environmentally conscious and of course it's apart of a lot of people's life style to not use clothing from animals. They are just as warm real leather and no animal had to die to make it . I recently bought a red one from Forever 21.


I hated scarves growing up along with necklaces and turtleneck sweaters but since high school I’ve liked them. Scarves are more my mom’s thing which is why every time it’s her bday or if I have extra money, I get her scarf. They are warm, stylish and really pull together a look.

4.Sweaters and hoodies

I talked about this in my last blog but I also had to add it here because it is a fashion blog so if you want to really know why I find it essential for fall fashion, you should check out my 2019 fall essentials post when you finish reading.

5. Dresses and Skirts

I know many people would find this one weird because it’s getting colder but the combo of a crop top, skirt, tights, cardigan and booties just screams fall. In some places it doesn’t get as cold as New York so it makes sense why skirts and dresses would still be fall attire if you like that style.

Well that's all for today and I hope you enjoyed this type of blog. I wanted to do more for this post but things weren't working out. Being a college student who has no siblings living with her makes it hard to take photos. It's always been me and my mom and she's not the best at taking photos. Hopefully in the future it would be different. Don't forget to share with your friends and family and be sure to check out previous post. Also subscribe so you never miss an update.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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