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Fall 2019: Decorations inspiration

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Hey guys.

It’s Lay

So I was planning on buying things for this blog but unfortunately I haven’t had time to stop at a store because of school and literally on my free time I’m either doing notes to make study guides, completing homework etc. Since everyone loved the fashion blog so much and I love decorating I thought it would be cute to give some inspiration for fall decor.

If I’m being honest there are two different type of people who decorate in the fall: the wholesome decorator and spooky decorator. In this blog I’m gonna provide a list of decor pieces and color schemes that fall under the category of decorator.

The spooky decorator

This person loves Halloween. They love the idea of things out of the ordinary and takes this chance for more of the creative aspect. They love to be different and express their individuality even if some people find it weird, they are completely in touch with their style and who they are.

Colors they should consider getting since they have a dark aesthetic I would suggest common Halloween colors.

  • Black- it’s classic and gives off witchy vibes

  • Deep red- this is color of what a vampire loves to drink

  • Dark purple- there is just something about that makes it feel spooky

  • Silver- who says there can’t be a lil sparkle in horror

There are more Halloween colors that you can use and you can even do color combinations (a popular one is black and orange) to fit your aesthetic and the look you want for spooky seasons.

Once you decide the color pattern you want then you can get decorations. Since I’m basing this off of people who love Halloween, most of the decorations will be.

  • Stack of horror movies or favorite Halloween movies: Even though this is for decorations because it gives your room more of a 90s- early 2000s vibes (especially since streaming is becoming more common)

  • Halloween phrased decorations: a play on words on like towels or a sign that has something related to your theme

  • Jack o’ lantern : this is something fun to do with someone as a diy project

  • Candy bowls: Halloween is known for candy so having a small treats bowl for yourself to snack on when you are watching a show or movie is mandatory

  • Props and wall art: when I say this I mean decorations like painting, framed quotes, fake cobwebs, skulls, witches pot etc.

When it comes to the candy bowl and props you use it should be a set theme so it’s not too much going on.

To pull the look all together I would get a Halloween scented candle. My favorites are usually from bath and bodyworks so be sure to check it out.

The wholesome decorator

The aesthetic of this person is to make everything feel warm and cozy during this time of year. Comfort is definitely key for them and they probably prefer thanksgiving over Halloween because thanksgiving is a time where you gather with people you care about and have comfort food.

Colors they should consider getting are more down to earth because they have a cozy aesthetic I would suggest common basic fall color.

  • Orange- this color with black is more spooky vibes but when it’s alone it just scream fall because it reminds me of leaves or pumpkins

  • Bright red- if it’s dark, it’s spooky but if it’s bright it looks like an apple or like a leaf

  • Gold- this adds a bit more definition to the aesthetic

  • Specks of brown or green - these are common earthy colors so it will make your home feel cozy

For someone who is looking for comfort and coziness, adding these things to your decor for the season will make you feel more comfortable then ever before.

  • Fairy lights : lighting is essential when you want to be cozy. Imagine snuggling up under a blanket, reading a book under the lights

  • Throw blanket: a fluffy one on the couch will be perfect because it will keep you warm (especially for this naps)

  • Pillows: a good pillow can tie your bed or couch together

  • Mugs: this is the season for tea and hot cocoa so have a set of mugs for you, your friends and your family to enjoy

  • Welcome sign, fake leaves, Pine cones, flowers and decorative pumpkins: these just give the fall aesthetic. Sunflowers are a fall favorite , fake leaves you can stick on the wall or hang it from the ceiling, pine cones gives this nice clean smell that reminds you of home, a welcome sign will give your guests a feeling of belonging there with you, and even though pumpkins are a Halloween thing when they are fake glitter one will pull together the fall aesthetic.

Sorry this blog was so short. This week was full and so is this upcoming week. I hope you still enjoyed it. In the comment section, comment which decorations are more your aesthetic: spooky or wholesome.

I’m more wholesome because my mom never really celebrated Halloween growing up because she dislikes the holiday.

So this is all for today. Don’t forget to share with your friends and family and be sure to subscribe for more content.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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Katt Rodrigues
Katt Rodrigues
20. Okt. 2019

Lovely post! The idea of cosy decor is for me, I love halloween but there's something about that burnt orange & gold that just works! x

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