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Changing your life in 6 months (Part 1)

Episode No. 3

Where to listen:

What Inspired this Episode:

On Tik Tok, a girl named Aysha Gonzales , shared her plan to glow up her life. Her video was very inspirational and her Tik Toks followed was empowering. As a wellness girl myself, I wanted to share her challenge. However, to add a twist and show the analytical side of my personality I decided to rate each of her rules. I always felt like doing challenges is a great way to see what comes out of your life especially when you feel stuck.

Questions I wanted to explore:

  • Is it realistic to change your life in 6 months?

  • Is trying to change your life in 6 months a sustainable way to approach your goals?

  • What are the most important habits to incorporate to change your life in 6 months?

  • What are the most important habits to get rid of to change your life in 6 months?

  • How can you tell you are actually changing?

  • How do you remain patient when going for your goals?

  • What mindset work is important to incorporate?

  • What to do if you're not noticing progress in 6 months?

Episode Description:

Tune in to this episode with the topic of "Changing your life in 6 months" for a transformative experience featuring a tarot card reading, reflection on gratitude, and a discussion of 180 in 6 months, a challenge developed by a creator on TikTok. A TikTok creator came up with this concept of doing a 180 in your life in 6 months. The host reviews her rules and offers a deeper perspective on the challenge.

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  • Recording time- 4:31 am

  • Recent college graduate

  • 1st episode of 2023

What I'm grateful for


  • Grateful to have time to pursue my dreams

  • Post Graduation

Card Pull


  • Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell

  • Blue Flame card

  • Card relates to throat chakra



  • Girl on Tik Tok

  • 180 in 6 months

  • 1 goal, 8 rules, 0 excuses

The rules and rating of each rule


  • You're number one: Act and look like it [ In My Opinion: Green Flag]

  • Wake up early, do your morning routine, and no dopamine/ phone for 2 hours [In my opinion: Yellow flag]

  • Heal 3 times a week for 30 minutes or more [In my opinion: Yellow flag]

  • Focus on 4 hobbies/skills to do through the week [In my opinion: Green flag]

  • Go to the Gym 5 times per week and at least 5 whole foods a day [In my opinion: Red flag- explanation in the episode]

  • Set yourself up for 6 Figures [In my opinion: Green flag]

  • Spend 7 hours a week towards your career, passion, or business [In my opinion: Green flag]

  • Get 8 hours of sleep and before you do document how your day went ( 8 sentences or journaling for 8 minutes before bed) [In my opinion: Green flag]

Important message


  • The end of the episode was deleted

  • Have to Record again

  • I am splitting the episode into 2 parts

Task of episode


  • Make a Vision Board

List of research sources/ References:


Trying to Change My Life Timeline: July 2023 - Now

One day I am going to write a book this so this is just a preview of some of the context. - (Authors Note, Lay)

July 2023: I got hired for a new job; my Boyfriend at the time got a job out of state and since I was not ready for the aspect of moving because I had just graduated we were going to try long-distance, Last time I hung out with a friend until 2024, was only focused on the job

August 2023: I started a new job, was exhausted because of the different timezones, had messed up sleep and workout schedules, was the start of my mental health failing, did not feel good enough for the role, and felt like I was letting people down

September 2023: Growing frustration (mostly with myself), Energy crashes throughout the day due to PCOS symptoms that I didn't know how to manage, Broke up with the boyfriend, main source of joy was doing the group podcast "Adult and Slay" (Reminded me how much I mainly feel energized when creating.

October 2023: Last full month of the job, 22nd birthday (aka golden Birthday), a lot reflecting about what I should do next, a lot of worry for the future, mentally drained

I call from this point my Recovery period

November 2023: Had annual physical, realized I need to seriously prioritize healing or everything was only going to get worse, Also decided to seriously try content creation because if I could grow my accounts becoming a content strategist is a role prospect in the future, Lots of self-care, New Look- changed style for a confident boost, Starting to post at 67 Subscribers

December 2023: Seriously starting Recovery, Learning to make content again (focusing on YouTube and my personal podcast the most), made a content plan for 2024, Was the last time the Adult and Slay did a podcast episode, Preparing for 2024, Started month with 74 Subscribers

January 2024: Self-discipline, Started month with 116 Subscribers

February 2024: Heavy Burnout, Poor mental health, least favorite month so far

March 2024: Resetting from Burnout, New Vitamins, More balanced workout routine, Had worked on three 5-year plans, Had worked on my reflecting system

April 2024: Developing a healthy system to move forward, A lot more social, I spent time with friends in person for the first time

May 2024: Pushing myself outside my comfort zone (full video will be on my YouTube channel, able to work on more parts of my life again, 6 months since starting over and one year since graduating

My biggest takeaway from trying

Focus more on what you're doing than the timeframe. The reason this is so important is because I think when we see the posts and quotes about trying to change our life in 6 months, it gives us unrealistic expectations. My biggest mental downfalls in this process happened because I was focusing too much on the results, hyper-fixating on the pace of the growth.

Life will change in 6 months but it won't always look like what you imagine and it may not be in ways you measure growth either. Also from this, you can tell my growth was way over the 6 months and how one change in my life was a domino effect for the others. When I graduated from college I felt like all my life problems would be solved if I got a job, that I wouldn't feel that pressure anymore. When I was in high school, I felt like having a boyfriend would make my life better. I ended up losing those things and myself within 4 months, but when it happened it didn't feel like I was losing. I felt a lot of guilt like I should've been more grateful to get what I wanted but with my personality, and how I get sucked into things and people, it felt like a relief to be a bit selfish and focus on what I want in life more than what I thought I should want.

The most important thing is if you ask yourself " Am I happy with my life", your answer should be yes, even if you don't have everything you are working towards yet. I was talking to my mom the other day and I told her This is the happiest I've ever felt... even more than I felt as a child because I always had this heightened anxiety over what I need to do. what I should like, what should I have, and who I should I be. I feel peace, and even though I sometimes worry, I can confidently answer yes.


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