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Navigating negativity & Hot takes about the Law of attraction

Updated: May 20

Episode No. 2

Where to listen:

What inspired this episode:

My learning experience of the week inspired this episode. I wanted to talk about the law of attraction because of an experince I had after commenting on another YouTuber's video. While in the moment I was heated by that interaction, I wanted to make something positive about it. The law of attraction is a subject continuously highlighted in the wellness space, but many people feel it is unrealistic. I wanted to cover a balanced approach to the law of attraction that doesn't erase the human experience by leaning deeply into toxic positivity. Also since I am doing show notes a few years later, I am including bonus content below.

Questions I wanted to explore:

  • What is the law of attraction?

  • Does using the law of attraction mean I have to deny my more negative feelings?

  • If I occasionally have a not positive thought does that mean more bad stuff will happen to me?

  • If I believe in "I don't chase, I attract", does that mean I don't take action? What does taking action look like under this mindset?

  • Is this type of mindset toxic?

  • Does using the law of attraction make you lazy?

  • What are the laws of the universe?

Episode Description:

Welcome to the second episode of A Little Atypical! This week we have structured episodes that use relatable stories, and to talk about the law of attraction. Trigger warning that this episode contains a description of discrimination. However, especially for people of color, it is important to recognize the depth of law attraction. Explore a different perspective about the law of attraction that can help you on your hot girl/ guy/ person journey.




Introduction + What I'm grateful for +Card Pull


  • Grateful to be in the college that I always wanted to go to (Dream school)

  • Last first day

  • Manifestation

  • Sacred self-care deck

  • Card 33- Make a vision board

Good experience of the week vs learning experience of the week


  • Good experience- conversation on the train

  • Don't be afraid to compliment people

  • My learning experience of the week- A person replied to my comment on a Kelly Stamps YouTube video

  • "I don't chase, I attract" comment

Talking about the law of attraction


  • The definition of the law of attraction

  • Like attracts like

Things you should know about manifestations- Thoughts on the Law of Attraction and Negativity


  • Allowing yourself to feel

  • Emotions in Society

  • Flip the narrative

  • Toxic Positivity

Things you should know about manifestations-Aligned Action


  • Mindset is not the only thing

  • Knowing your why

  • Understanding what desperation looks like

  • Effects of a toxic environment

Things you should know about manifestations- Law of Attraction and Universal issues


  • Why people don't believe in it

  • Discrimination

  • Individualism

  • Victim blaming

  • Tool for mindset

Journal Prompt

  • What do you want to manifest?

  • Where are you at?

  • What are you grateful

List of research sources:

HOMEWORK (Bonus content for this episode)

I am sharing 5 methods you can use for the law of attraction. Pick one ( or two) you are interested in to try as a practice.

EXERCISE: Vision Board

A Vision Board is a visual representation of your goals and desires. For a detailed guide, watch the YouTube video below. While it is intended for New Year, you can use this as a guide at any time.

EXERCISE: The 5 senses immersion

The 5 senses immersion: To attract what you would like in your life use the 5 senses as a practice to attract what you want into your life.

Example: You are trying to attract your dream job

Sight: Look at images of where your dream job is located. If it's New York, that should be all over your vision board. If you have a specific company in mind, use Google Maps to see the street view (if you cannot physically visit). What food places are around? What shops? This will be important for your other senses.

Hear: Did you know you can listen to the ambiance of the desired location of your dream job? Put it on in the background while you are doing something so you can imagine what it would be like to be there working.

Taste: Remember I said to look up food places, the reason is if it is a chained place you can get food from your closet location and imagine that you are eating it on your work break from your dream job.

Smell: As a New Yorker you may not want to exactly smell your sourounding but you can research what is the popular fragrances worn in New York and buy them. It can be your daily work fragrance you put on to make sure you go to work smelling exactly how you want.

Touch/Feel: Buy outfits or create outfit ideas for going to work. What are things you would wear to feel confident in that role? The reason this works is because you can physically feel fabric.

This may be extreme but the the point is to bring your goal into your everyday. Sometimes it's not enough to just use a vision board, by doing actions that can bring your dream to your physical world, it makes your goal feel more attainable.

EXERCISE: Reframing

Reframing is when you change your outlook on an event that occurred. If you listen to my podcast episodes usually I say a good experience of the week and a learning experience. The reason I do this is to reframe what has happened and make it a growth opportunity. It is important to not ignore negative feelings because when you do it leads to toxic positivity but it is also important not to get stuck in a reactionary state. For instance, anger is typically perceived as a negative emotion. However, you can reframe the situation to figure out what you are passionate about. Jealousy you can reframe to figure out what you want in life. Sadness you can reframe to find out what you cherish in life. Use the negativity to your advantage when you feel things within yourself. Reframe them to think "What can I learn from this?". Take an event that made you feel negative and try to reframe it.

 EXERCISE: GOAL Journaling

This is a specific journaling outline that is important for the law of attraction

G= Gratitude

O= Outcome of getting what you desire

A= Affirmations

L= Listing signals of your desire

While those make up the elements; I do not journal in that order

Step 1: Gratitude

This is step one because you look for things in your present moment to be grateful for. It is even better if you can connect it to what you desire. For example, let's say you are currently unemployed but you reframe it to focus on the time you now have to do things you are passionate about. You can write something like " I am grateful for the time to pursue my dreams of being a writer". No only are you reframing you are focusing your energy on what you want.

Step 2: Affirmations

It is important to remind yourself of who you are becoming with each action. Continuing with the example of someone who wants to be a writer their affirmations can look like this:

  • I am inspired to bring my ideas to the world

  • I work efficiently to create

  • I have the skills to be a successful writer

Tip- You can look at affirmations when you are switching tasks to remind you of why you are taking those actions that day.

Step 3: Outcome

This creates a connection between your emotions, your desires, and your why. Following the example of being a successful writer:

  • Doing work that feels purposeful so you are more energized to start your day

  • Having a job that allows you to be anywhere

  • Having a job with more flexibility

  • Outside of writing, you can do coaching/teaching, public speaking, content creation, etc.

  • More freedom since you create your timeline

This will motivate you to do hard things so you can have an easier future.

Step 4: List

Signals are the small wins of that goal. For example, if your goal is to be a writer, signals that you are doing that can look like

  • Getting published in a magazine

  • Winning a writing contest

  • connecting with people in the publishing industry

  • Making friends who are also authors

  • Self-publishing your first book

To understand the importance of small wins watch the video below

EXERCISE: Act as is

This is more of the advice of "fake it until you make it". While this method has not worked for me, some people can do this method well. This is also very similar to method-acting. You can draw inspiration from that to try this but for some people, this method may not be as effective due to the concept of imposter syndrome. If you are going to try this, build your character and act as them to completely shift your identity.

  • What time does your character wake up?

  • What activities does your character do throughout the say?

  • Who does your character spend time with?

  • What are your character's key traits?

  • How does your character dress?

  • What does your character's body language say about them?

  • How does your character speak? (casual, formal, have an accent?)

  • Where is your character from?

  • What is your character's job?

  • How does your character contribute to the story? What purpose do they serve?

  • What are things that are significant to your character?

  • How does your character express their many traits throughout the story?


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