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What to do when you hit a pandemic wall

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

You know the phrase: Same thing, Different day. I believe that that quote is extremely fitting given the time. I was listening to the Life Kit podcast, and I heard an episode called “ Hitting a pandemic wall? Remember to show up for yourself”. It was a fascinating episode that gave amazing tips on how to be there for yourself now.

When I watched the episode, that was the first time I heard the term “ Pandemic wall”, so once I finished I started to do a little research and I found out it is a common thing. Martha Tesema explained, “Pandemic wall is a new go-to phrase for folks looking to explain the fatigue that's set in after a year of navigating COVID-19”. In short terms, it’s about the exhaustion the pandemic has been causing to our mental health.

Even though the title uses the phrase “ Hitting a pandemic wall”, I feel like the tips can also be used if you just feel stuck in a runt and it’s not exclusive to the pandemic.

Here are the tips

1. Identify the cause

When you hit a pandemic wall, a huge reason is the pandemic, but there can be so many underlying issues. For example, you could be consuming too much media, and going on social media could be what’s draining you, but you also feel like there’s nothing else you can do. Another underlying issue can be the people your associating with could be harming your mental state. Other examples can include job insecurity, toxic households, getting tired of the same environment, feeling like you are behind in life, losing excitement when it comes to life, etc. This is only for you to determine, and there can be signs from your subconscious about what specifically caused you to hit a wall.

2. Practice time management skills

This is one of those things easier said than done. Throughout our years in school, we try to master time management, and some of us have got good skills down. For others, it’s difficult for us due to things like emotions and life events. There are still a few ways you can manage time better, even if you are lacking the motivation and energy.

3. Make small changes

The thing is when we want to make changes in our lives, many people start with extremes that leave them unenergized because it’s too much too fast. If we want to make changes, we have to make them gradually.

4. Find a hobby personal to you

I’ve been seeing a lot of people turn their hobbies into side hustle which is good if that’s what a person wants to do. However, lately, everything has turned into a hustle culture where everything is about making money. I think it’s still good to have things that are just about enjoyment as opposed to having fame or increasing profit. You can still have a side hustle, but just remember not everything has to turn into one.

5. Make a list of what is draining your energy

Understanding what causes you to feel low, can either help you to eliminate that from your lifestyle or if it’s something unavoidable like work or school, you can set timers for doing those work (this goes back to time management) so you won’t have to put 100% of energy in everything you do, just things important for time being.

6. Have a support system

There are so many different types of support systems. Sometimes you need someone who’s family, sometimes you need a significant other, sometimes you need a best friend or maybe you need a professional to help you work through things. There are different types of needed support but unless they are professional, make sure the connection is mutual.

You aren't the only one

Originally, I was going to write about identity but the timing didn’t feel right. A topic like that deserves a lot of focus and devotion and I wouldn’t be able to write the topic with the space I’m in. School is starting to pick up again, and energy-wise, I just haven’t been feeling like myself. When this all started almost a year ago, I always tried to find a way to keep motivated, but lately, I’ve just hit a pandemic wall a few weeks ago. I hadn’t been able to post on Instagram, youtube, do makeup looks, or anything. Going on zoom, working on projects, writing, eating, etc. has been my routine, and it’s been hard doing the same thing in the same space. It’s better than the last two semesters because I'm able to work in the living room instead of only my bedroom. I also decorated my room so it feels more comfortable. However, I still felt less and less like myself. That’s when I realized that I was comparing myself to a person who was under a different circumstance.

When Covid happened, I was still in my first year of college and for a lot of people, that’s still a transformative year where you still are trying to adjust to adulthood and shed who you were in high school. I had a very strange dream, so I decided to analyze it. Based on my analysis: I need to not hold myself back from moving forward by rushing the process. Instead, be patient, so I can wait for my next big thing. I also need to stop trying to go back to my comfort zone because no progress can be made from that place.

I am taking steps and even with the tips I gave you, the best thing you can do for yourself is trust your intuition. No one knows what you need better than the person who’s with you all the time, and when you hit a wall don’t beat yourself up for it. We all have bad days, off days, and even days that leave us too exhausted. Just take a step back, be patient with yourself before making your next moves.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share. Remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel, and follow my Instagram and Twitter to connect and stay up to date. I am excited about next week's blog post so make sure you come back next Saturday. Until then, there is a lot more content on my youtube channel. I hope you have a good day, evening or night.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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