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Mini update : May 2019 Accomplishments and Goals

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Hey guys.

It’s Lay.

So for today’s blog this is going to be like a mini update because even though I wanted to wait until June. There has been a lot of big changes recently and I wanted to write a bit about them. So I'll be listing my biggest accomplishments since the last life update and then talk about my goals as of this upcoming month.

Education's next big steps

As most of you know I am a teen blogger but even though I look young for my age, I am going to be starting college this Fall.

As a high school senior it’s been a long process with submitting applications, maintaining high grades, still doing out of school activities (in my case working on this blog) etc. In the United States it was decision day for college May 1st. If you don’t follow my Instagram (@simplylayxx , you should give it a follow now) , I’ve decided to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology which has been my dream school from when I was younger. Originally, I did want to be a fashion designer but because of where I went for to for high school it would have been a difficult path to pursue. I was out of practice because I went to a school that was creatively limiting. I didn’t give up on that dream but I changed the steps to my plan because as I grew up, my interests expanded and there’s just so much I want to do. I found a love for writing, I used to do it more as a hobby as a kid but as I got older it became more than that to me. Instead of majoring in fashion design, I decided to major in AMC (Advertising and Marketing Communications). I want to start off as a fashion journalist (which is where the communications aspect comes in) but I do want to start my own business someday so developing skills from marketing and advertising would help me build my brand.

I've been super excited for this because not only this changes me to do something I'm really interested in but it kind of changes my environment as well. I've been with the same people for the passed 7 years and like my last post talked about I haven't been able to fit in easily and always felt outcasted. The people I connected with so far via social media who is attending has been really kind and welcoming, I guess I found my perfect FIT.

My Mood

Lately, my mood has been mixed.

For weeks up until today (May 4th, 2019), I've been really carefree and that has made me happier in ways I can't explain. I've just kept thinking about where I was a year ago and how unhappy I was and how much growth I've made since then. I'm really proud of how far I came and I think a lot of it has to do with me writing again and going for things.

However, today I was upset earlier because a family friend found my instagram and then started telling my mom how I've been talking about others and spreading gossip. When I write and tell stories, it's been helping me reflect on events that happened, not to bring anyone down. I respect everyone's privacy which is why when I do tell a story I never even say the name of a person. So it was very disheartening and discouraging when my mom even ask about what I've been writing/ posting.

After giving my self time to process the emotions, truthfully I don't care what anyone thinks about what I post because if they don't understand the reason behind it, I can't help them. Also, me being outspoken about the things I feel, the things I think has been healthier for me and it's been showing every time I go to doctors. I shouldn't have to justify what I'm doing to anyone and at the end of the day there is always going to be someone who doesn't like what I do anyways because it isn't how they want me to or they feel some type of way about me doing it.

I am going to keep posting pictures that make me feel confident in myself.

I am going to keep posting quotes that I relate to and that make others feel.

I am going to keep sharing my stories.

All those things are apart of who I am and I am going to keep being who I am regardless of the backlash simply because it makes me happy.

Remember: The world is full of millions of critics but only one you.

Social Media- Goals and Engagements

My biggest focus right now aside from college and my mental health is my blog. This month I made a lot of accomplishments in terms of growing my engagement since I started. The blog itself prior to the last few months highest amount of views is 15 but for the past weeks it went up to 19-20 views which seems small but small things lead to big steps. Also over spring break because of how active I was, My Instagram grew over 100 followers and my twitter grew about 20 followers.

My Instagram goal for this month is: 950 followers

My twitter goal is: 60 followers

I have plans to achieve these goals but I want to test it out before posting anything about it but I felt like it was important to have my goals set in stone .

Content and Changes

Over this month I feel like adding changes in the format of my post and possible changing the schedule for the summer because I should have more time but I have to go over plans with my editor and photographer before I do anything.

Also I've been getting very real and personal on this blog especially whenever I write an opinionated peace but I am working on a special project so once I decide what I want on that project this site may change as well.

Sorry if this blog was really boring to you but I hope you still enjoyed this piece. Don't forget to read previous blogs and share with friends and family.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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