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How To: Build a Routine to accomplish Self Discipline

Updated: May 17

Hey everyone,

I hope your 1st week of the year has been going well. For 2024, I decided how I’m going to make this year different for me is choosing a topic to write about weekly across all my platforms. This week’s topic was self-discipline. The 1st content posted was an Introduction to self-discipline which focused on what it is, reframing your thinking around it, and enemies to self-discipline. The 2nd content posted was tips for improving self discipline which starts with a story and has 6 tips on how to improve your self discipline (you can listen on either Spotify or YouTube). This blog post will act as a guide for building a routine that creates endless self-discipline.

If you subscribed to my YouTube channel, I create monthly challenges and this month’s challenge is centered around self-discovery. Two pages in the challenge center around morning routines and night routines. (If you want to download the free template: I put the document on this page. All I ask is if you enjoy, please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can get the update when new challenges are up.)

Elements in my theory

I came up with this idea this summer after reading Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King. The book focused on the law of vibration. According to research The law of vibration states:

“ Our thoughts, like everything else in the universe, are energy. And they vibrate at different frequencies depending on the nature of the thought. Our thoughts are cosmic waves that are so powerful that they penetrate all space and time. And our thoughts and feelings control the vibration of our body. We have the power to dictate the frequency of our being by choosing and directing our thoughts. Your emotional states dictate the vibration that your body is in.”

I had a theory of making routines. I already knew of making routines based on energy levels but it became so much clearer what I needed to do once I added in the perception of the law of vibration.

Personally, when I was thinking of this I created a table of my notion that consisted of the following:

  • The 4 tiers (I gave each one a name)

  • The energy level for each tier

  • The emotional states I may be experiencing for me to focus on that tier (this is where the law vibration was focused on)

  • Mood description

  • Priority suggestions

  • Affirmations

  • Activity ideas

To take this a step further

  • Add 3 goals you want to accomplish

  • List 5 strategies you can do to

  • Create a schedule for each tier

How this works

I used this image to help me determine the emotional states for each level

Tier 1

What I call this level:


The energy level for this tier:

76% - 100%

Emotional states for this tier:

Confidence, Powerful, Generous, Passionate, Empathetic, Empowered, Joy, Patient, Trust, Freedom, Abundance, Radiant, Compassionate, Unconditional self-love, positive self-talk

Mood descriptor:

Mostly Positive

Priority suggestions for this tier:

All work w/ micro-breaks, minimal/ no play

Do the tasks that take a lot. Don’t waste these days doing the bare minimum activities because on days like this, you have to give your all so when you do have your low days you know you already did so much at this level of high energy.

Affirmation focus:

Create affirmations that center around focus, time management, and success

Tier 2

What I call this level:


The energy level for this tier:

51% - 75%

Emotional states for this tier:

Hopefulness, Peace Curiosity Playful, Belief Acceptance Happiness, Security, Self love, Learning, Enthusiasm, Gratitude, Worthy Cheerful, optimism, calm, pleased, cheerful, productive, Serene, Organize

Mood descriptor:

Kinda Positive

Priority suggestions for this tier:

Mostly work, Some play

Affirmation focus:

Create affirmations that center around Motivation, time management, and inspiration

Tier 3

What I call this level:


The energy level for this tier:

26%- 50%

Emotional states for this tier:

Boredom, Overwhelmed, Fear, Jealousy, Frustration, insecurity, grief, heartache, rejection, hatred, failure, impatience, worry, revenge, anger, self-pity, doubt, pessimism, unsupported, sadness

Mood descriptor:

Kinda Negative

Priority suggestions for this tier:

Mostly play, Some work

Affirmation focus:

Create affirmations about boosting your energy, inner peace, relaxation

Tier 4

What I call this level:


The energy level for this tier:

0% - 25%

Emotional states for this tier:

No will to live, shame, guilt, depression, despair, disappointment, apathy, dread, victim, worthless, humiliation, low self-esteem

Mood descriptor:

Mostly Negative

Priority suggestions for this tier:

All play or rest, minimal/ no work

Look inward and do reflective tasks, these can be the days you prioritize slow or no movement. Get to the root of the emotional state and figure out what you must do to heal it. If the reflection is so hard, do the tasks that take you out of your head. Do mood-bosting activities- take a bath, have a mini spa day. do your make-up, watch movies, and get yourself some gifts.

Affirmation focus: Create affirmations about resting, boosting your confidence, and emotional support.

Now that you have an understanding of the tiers. Let’s focus on adding your goals. If you are like me you already created a vision board for the year. However, these routines should change every time you change the focus of your goals. My biggest suggestion is to keep the goals for 12 weeks because it provides a sense of urgency.

Tips for goals

1. Select at Maximum 3 goals at a time

You can do one goal, two goals but no more than 3. Have at least 1 goal that can be completed in a 12-week time frame. I know do suggest 12 weeks for a goal but if you are someone with a long-term goal that will take more than a year it could be beneficial to think about each way you can work towards that goal in a shorter time frame.

2. When thinking of your goal, don’t focus on the results, focus on the identity.

What are the activities/ habits for this identity? Create a list that you research about what current people with that title are doing to inspire you. However these are just ideas, your version of this title can be doing something different.

For instance, let’s say your goal is to become a writer. Things a writer may do is have brainstorming sessions, have a set time to write, create a writer's space, create rituals for their writing time, they might have a certain page amount, have connections to publishers, or even make other writing friends. However, the habits of a writer you want to be may be influenced based on the genre, the medium of writing ( digital writer (copywriters and bloggers), novelist, technical writer, journalist, songwriter, poet, etc.), and if you want to self publish or work with a publisher.

That is where the next tip comes in.

3. Come up with 5 strategies for each goal

When you are coming up with strategies. make it personalized to the type of identity you want to have your way. The 5 strategies are the maximum you must do to work towards your goals. Those will always be in tier 1. To place into other tiers ask yourself: What are micro tasks that align with that strategy?

4. Write goals in the format of an affirmation

I suggested this when creating a vision board and it completely changed how I viewed the goal. It is not result-based to me anymore, it is bridging the gap between me and my future self when I do this.

My Chart(s) Filled Out

Goal 1: I am a recognized content creator

A content creator’s habits are…

  • Well-researched topics to share

  • Researching topics through books, podcasts, articles, and other videos

  • Posting on their main platform (s) as Macro Content(My case would be Youtube, My blog and Spotify)

  • Posting on 2-3 platforms to support Macro content ( My choices are Pinterest and TikTok. I will also post YouTube shorts to support my large content)

  • Join communities to find like-minded people

  • Finding your voice, personal style

  • Researching new tools

  • Trying new formats

  • Adapting to changes

  • Understanding trends vs evergreen content

5 Strategies for this goal

1.Choosing topics weekly

  • My main category is lifestyle and sub-topics include wellness and personal development.

  • Creating a list of big topic ideas would make sure I have a plan for the weeks ahead

  • Make a list of ideas for a topic

  • Choose what topics would be better in which format (long-form videos, short-form videos, audio, blog written content, infographic, etc.)

  • Learn about topics through books (audio or physical copy)

  • Learn through other podcasts and form your own opinions

  • Learn through videos on the topic

  • Learn through articles

  • Learn if there is any science behind the topic

  • Look for things that connect to the topic like songs, poems, quotes, etc.

  • Are there any trending things happening that can connect to the topic idea that you can mention

2.Identifying the type of content being posted on each platform

  • Youtube

    • Lifestyle design videos [Wednesdays]

    • Podcast (audio only - generated from Podbean) [Thursdays]

    • Open when letters [Sundays]

    • Vlog [28th of each month]

    • Monthly Challenge [1st of each month]

    • Shorts [ Goal | 2-3 times per week; Preferably Mondays & Tuesdsay]

  • Podcast ( On Spotify and YouTube) [Thursdays]

  • Mindset content

  • Tips

  • What’s in and what’s out [3rd Thursday of the month]

  • Storytimes

  • [Saturdays]

  • Guides

  • How to

  • Lists

3.Posting a specific amount each week on Macro

  • YouTube (3-5 times per week; 3 Long-form content videos)

  • Podcast (Once a week)

  • Blog post (Once a week)

4.Create micro-content that supports my Macro content

  • Pinterest

  • Selfies

  • Random pictures

  • Infographics

  • Promotional posts

  • Quotes

  • TikTok

  • Photostories

  • Manifesting audios

  • OOTDs

5.Go into communities with people who inspire you

  • Engage with people with similar interests

  • Give advice

  • Listen to people’s stories and problems

  • Ask for advice when you need it; the right people won’t ignore you

Goal 2: I am the healthiest version of myself

A healthy person’s habits are...

  • Drink 72 oz of water (11 cups)

  • 8 hours of sleep

  • Pays attention to hormone health

  • Pay attention to gut health

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Knows how to cook different meals

  • Understands balance

  • Daily movement

  • Have hobbies

  • Set boundaries

  • Is honest and authentic

  • Take time away from devices

  • Has strong emotional awareness

  • Is respectful of other people's emotions

5 Strategies for this goal

1.Workout for 1hr in the morning for at least 4-5 days per week

  • Use a fitness planner to create workouts and track progress so you can adjust accordingly

  • If it is hard to work out for a long time do low-impact fitness, walk on a stepper while reading, or jump on your trampoline

  • Do workouts you find fun like dancing

  • Find fitness creators that boost your motivation

  • Get inspired by interest

  • Journal about your ideal self to get motivated

  • Clean as a workout

2.Eat food 10 am- 6 pm

  • Meal prep

  • Try new recipes

  • Follow the 80/20 rule

  • Honor your craving by cooking it yourself - instead of buying pizza from the pizzeria, try making your own; craving tacos- make your own. If you are craving ice cream, make your own (You bought that Ninja Creami for a reason)

3.Take a break (5-15 mins), 3 times a day to walk on the stepper

  • Read on stepper

  • Watch Netflix shows on stepper

  • Watch YouTube videos on Stepper

  • Listen to the podcast while on the stepper

  • Listen to affirmation on the stepper

  • Listen to audiobooks during the stepper

4.Better rest

  • No naps in the day (for more than 20 minutes- please stop sleeping for 3 to 4 hours in the middle of the day)

  • Practice brain dumping at least once a week to prevent overthinking

  • Phone on the other side of the room

  • Avoid all-nighters as much as possible

  • Know when to stop working- (Don’t be a workaholic)

  • Sleep by 10 pm

  • Have tea before bed ( sleepy, Chamomile, lemon balm, etc.)

  • Choose a fiction book to read before bed

  • Take magnesium

  • No screens before bed

  • Lofi or jazz music

  • Salt lamp light or small lamp

5.Drink 6 bottles of water daily

  • At minimum have 2 bottles to work your way up to 6

  • Drink water first thing in the morning before any caffeinated drink

  • Set reminders for drinking water

  • Track your water intake

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it interesting. Also if you like my content it would mean the world to me if you would also subscribe to my YouTube channel, my Pinterest, and my TikTok account. On YouTube, I have the most inspirational content from Lifestyle Design posts to Digital "open when..." letters to boost your moods. I also keep a copy of my podcast episodes (which is also available on Spotify). I decided that I am honoring what feels right to me and continuously working on building the life of my dreams and helping others do the same. Don’t forget to share this if you feel inspired and I will have more content for you soon.

Until next time butterflies 🦋


Lay 💋


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