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Healthy Habits to try for the New year

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Hey guys!

It's Lay.

By time I'm posting this, we are in the middle of January which means I have 9 days until I go back to college. Honestly, I need to fix my broken sleep schedule. I've been off for over a month. My last final was December 16 for Statistics and Macroeconomics. From December 16 -24, I was mostly cleaning and giving gifts to people I care about that I wouldn't see Christmas day. For some reason since December 25 came, I had this motivation to fix up my blog by finally creating a gallery and coming up with cute concepts for the new year. Basically what I'm saying it was a lot of time off and not a lot to do. I was trying to get a job during this time but that didn't work out so instead I dedicated this time to my blog, my instagram and of course bettering myself. I've been cleaning my room further (it was already clean but I have a lot of shopping bags and papers from school that I need to get rid of). I've also been eating out less and cooking more as well as started to care of myself physically. Over this time I've been developing some healthy habits, some are things I started and others I want to try but I figured since it's still early in the year it would be a good idea to share good habits that you can incorporate in your lifestyle.

1. Making your bed every morning

This is actually one I have been trying. The reason I started was because one of the people who I listen to on Spotify (I have a huge addictions to podcast) was doing a Q&A and one of the questions was asking her and her best friend what are their best and worst habits. Ashley said her best was making her bed. I originally didn't see how making your bed could effect you but ever since I started making my bed in the morning, I started to become more productive through the day. I feel like your space, whether it's your personal space or your work space, just represents how your functioning. When you are at your worst (most overwhelmed, saddest, most burned out etc.), your space is messy like your thoughts. When your room is cleaned and organized, you feel the most on top of things in life. Making your bed just somehow lead for your entire room to be clean from my experience.

2. Make list

I feel like this is something I always did but not consistently. Recently I've been on top of making list from groceries to content for this year. Making list allows me to prioritize and be on top of things. I've been able to split up time between reading, spending time with friends, spending time with family, writing, editing, cleaning and of course photoshoots for instagram. Time management has been something that has always been difficult for me because I try to do everything at once and find short cuts within what I'm doing which lead for whatever I'm doing to come out as low performance.

3. Wake up early

This is something I typically do during school time but I want to see if I can wake up the same time everyday. Since my class starts at 9, I would have to wake up 5:30 to leave by 6:30 so I could catch the 6:50 train (the walk from my home to the train station is between 12-15 minutes not rushing or running). However on days I don't have classes and weekend I want to be able to be able to wake up 6am-7am so that I can keep a consistent sleep schedule. I read the most successful people wake up early because they have more time to get things done.

4. Compliment yourself

This is probably going to be one of the hardest things for me to do. It's already hard for me to accept compliments from other people. However I need to try because by doing this you are helping build a better relationship with yourself. When you see the positive in yourself you are acknowledging your self worth. This leads for you to stop being taken advantage of, to set boundaries with other and most importantly to stop being your own enemy. Life is hard enough with people judging you, hating you for things you cannot change (race, gender, sexual orientation etc.) , fighting with you over your beliefs ... you don't need another enemy.

5. Clean up as you go

This something my mom always lectured me about. When I finish cooking, I always have a huge pile of dishes to do that always takes me longer to clean. If I tried this method instead, I would have less to do in the end. This applies to other things as well. If you just put things back once you use them, instead of procrastinating to do it to a point it becomes a mess. This one was kinda self explained so I didn't need to say much.

6. Name one thing you are grateful for

This is one I was thinking about a lot because I feel like we are so blinded by the negatives we have we forget how fortunate we are. For instance, if you are reading this, you have the privilege to have access to the internet and technology. There are people who can barely afford food let alone things extra things like technology. I'm not saying you shouldn't be allowed to complain about the bad things because everyone is valid to their own emotions but just don't forget to appreciate the good things whether it's having a cat, a good relationship with your mom or dad, a brother, a sister, people who support you, a phone, good health etc. whatever it is just just remember to be thankful for it at the end of the day.

7. Do not take naps

This is my biggest struggle from high school to even now. When I take naps, I throw off my entire sleep schedule. Even during this break, it consisted of me sleeping for 3 hours or sleeping for 12 hours, no in between. Even if 12 hours of sleep seems good, it leads for me to be restless and then taking a nap when I feel my energy drop. It's much more efficient to get 6-8 hours at night then to take multiple naps. So that's why I need to find a way to get back on schedule.

8. Create Routines

This is something I struggle doing because everyday is unpredictable but to have a basic routine helps a lot in everyday life. By having a routine it allows you to manage your time better so you can use it more efficiently. When you create a routine, you are prioritizing what needs to be done when you wake up/ go to sleep. The faster you finish what you need to do, the more time you'll have for what you want to do which will leave you feeling happier.

9. Drinking water when you wake up

The reason why I want to do this is because I heard that by drinking water first it boost your metabolism. I naturally have a slow metabolism so this is important to me because of my goal for overall wellness. However it possesses many other positives such as : increasing alertness, it is proven to help with weight loss, get rid of toxin, rehydrating your body (that's an obvious one) etc.

10. Not skipping meals

I always had an issue with food because I suffered with high anxiety from middle school. Whenever I ate, I would get sick in the morning because I was already anxious about school in the first place. I also wanted extra sleep so I wouldn't eat breakfast. Also at my lowest points I would throw away lunch because I would get bullied over my weight so I did every unhealthy habit in the book (one of my biggest regrets). Also if I went straight home, I would sometimes fall asleep without eating dinner because I would be in a deep sleep. Over time especially since college started, I've been good with not skipping breakfast but because most times in school I have classes back to back I have to wait until I get home close to 7 to eat dinner. So I need to start packing food for the entire day.

Thats all for today. I hope you all challenge yourselves to adapt a good habit this year. I hope this year is full of positive energy because there's just too much negative in the world.

Be sure like, comment and share this blog post with friends and family and also check out other parts of my blog . I hope you are having an amazing morning, day, night etc. whatever time it is and I hope this decade is filled with so much happiness, love and joy.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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