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Fall 2019 : Essentials and Bucket list

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Hey guys.

It's Lay.

So the weather where I live is pretty up and down. Lately its been getting cooler which makes me happy because I like summer but I love fall. I love the weather because it's not hot but not freezing cold either and it is not as rainy and over-pollinated as spring. Everything about the season is so comforting and just my aesthetic. I know it's a bit early because fall doesn't officially start until the end of September but there's no harm in preparing for it. So in today's blog I will be sharing my ultimate fall essentials as well as my bucket list for the season.

My Fall Essentials

1. Candles

  • This is something I recently purchased. My favorite place to get candles is Bath and body works but there are other places you can go to get them a bit cheaper or you can get the 1-wick candles but I got the 3 wick ones on sale because each one was $10 off so I got 5 candles that were $14.50 each instead of $24.50. One was a gift so technically I only have 4 but it should last me until closer to the end of november when I'm ready to switch to Christmas candles.

2. Fall scented Bath Gel

  • I have bath gel for every season so it's no surprise that this is a part of my list. Sometimes I over stock so I might have extra from the year before so I use that first since each one has a shelf life of 2 years I believe. I am currently using one called “sweater weather” and it smells so good but I can’t wait to use the ones that smell like pumpkin.

3.Soft Blanket and pillows

  • Comfort is key in the fall. So recently I purchased a gray pillow from Target and it’s so soft and is pretty big so I mostly use that. I also purchased a throw blanket from JCpenney . I have a larger soft gray blanket but in the beginning of fall it’s usually warm still so my new throw is the perfect level of warmth for those crisp fall nights

4.Bath bombs

  • I use this all year around but self care is a priority especially in the fall when the stress piles on from school. Even when you aren’t in school, stress comes from many sources and sometimes you just need a long hot bath after a stressful cold day . Use bath bombs for the scent and aesthetic , add lots of bubbles, put Epsom salt to relax the muscles and release pain . My favorite bath bombs come from lush but I don’t think they dropped a fall themed line year.

5.Sweaters / Hoodies

  • Fall is sweater weather and hoodie season. Light jackets are acceptable too but to me they aren’t as comfy. Hoodies I love wearing inside the house but I also wear it when I’m too lazy to dress cute and I just want to be comfortable. Sweaters I wear primally outside and especially this year I have more cute things to pair it with.


  • Even though I wear Hoodies in the house, I love wearing robes to sleep. My room is always freezing in the winter to the point where I have a comforter and blanket over me and that still isn’t enough. With a robe I’m the perfect temperature. However, being that cozy makes it harder to get up in the morning

7.Fuzzy socks

  • I loved fuzzy socks for as long as could remember because I loved the texture of them. I usually wear them going to sleep but I sometimes wear them when going out if it’s really cold. Fuzzy socks + UGG boots = warm and cozy. The only thing I dislike is how the texture changes over the years but nothing can last forever.

8.Slipper boots

  • Slipper boots are something I got in like 10th grade and I loved them ever since. Yes I wear fuzzy socks to sleep but when I’m walking around , I hate to get my socks dirty so slipping on boots makes it better. I also prefer to wear them as soon as I get home because they are so soft inside and just so comfortable to just lounge in.

9.Pumpkin Spice Frappes from Starbucks

  • I was literally drinking one as I was working on this blog. Pumpkin spice is one of my all time favorite flavors. Even though there’s the pumpkin spice latte, I prefer the frappe because it’s sweeter and I don’t like strong coffee. If you like strong caffeine the latte is better for you.

10.Hot Cocoa/ Milo

  • These are my favorite drinks in fall and winter (I drink milo every season because it helps me sleep for some reason but it’s just better in fall and winter). I’m not a huge fan of chocolate (I literally only Kit kats or chocolates with coconuts) but there’s just something I love about both of these drinks. Milo connects me to my childhood because my mom made it for me almost every night and I had it with a butter and crackers or cheese and crackers as a night snack. As for hot cocoa , I used to spend time trying to perfect it and a lot of times it came out really nice.

My fall bucket list

  • Make a new music playlist for fall

  • Go on a Hayride

  • Go to Fright Fest

  • Have a stay-in day

  • Have a fall photoshoot in a park

  • Have a friendsgiving celebration

  • Try a caramel apple

  • Have a Horror movie marathon

  • Have something pumpkin spice flavored (already achieved as I write this)

  • Have a costume for halloween

  • Buy new fall decor

  • Read a book

  • Go apple picking

  • Make chili

  • Make a fall dessert

  • Visit a Farm

  • Have a Picnic

I'm sorry that this blog is so short but since I've started college I wanted to focus on that more but this blog is still really important to me because it's one of the things that got me through senior year which was one one of the most complicated years. I will figure out a balance as I go further but I hope you enjoyed this blog and it inspired you to go shopping or create your own bucket list for fall 2019. Don't forget to share with your friends and family and be sure to check out previous post. Also subscribe so you never miss an update.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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