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BTS 2019: My Best purchases

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Hey guys.

It’s Lay.

Where I live summer is winding down and back to school season is creeping in. When I was in elementary school, I actually loved school because I liked the people there but as soon as I went to middle school that changed. The only thing I was looking forward to during back to school season was new stuff and seeing the very few friends I had through.

This year something different because I’m going to a whole new environment and it basically feels like I’m starting my life again. Middle school and high school just wasn’t it for me. I know some people see high school as the their best years but as for me I feel like the best is yet to come. I learned who my friends are and who supports me 100%.

Even though I’m entering college, I thought it would fun to give a list of things that made my life a lot easier. Even if you aren’t going to school and is working, I would still read through the list. Most of these stuff I got just this summer and it made my life at work so much easier and efficient.

1.Expanded file

This is something I got my senior year and it was a game changer. My high school didn’t have lockers so we had to carry our bags around so if I ever complain about back pain, you guys know the reason behind it. Anyways over the years I had to carry different things, notebooks, binders , folders etc. it was still heavy even though a good amount of my classes were online ones. When I discovered the expanded file it literally took so much weight off my shoulders. I had 2 of them, one my mom bought from target and it was from five stars and the other was from cvs. Even though the one from cvs had more compartments, I prefer the five star one because it wasn’t as bulky and it was my favorite color. My main issue throughout high school was notes always tore for me and I didn’t use them all the time, binders were bulky and pages ripped out and my folder always ripped if they were more the paper one because how much work sheets I got and when I switched to plastic folders they lasted longer but it was still possible for me to break. The expanded file had compartments that kept me organized, wasn’t as bulk as a binder, it wasn’t possible for things to rip and it was like carrying a mini light file cabinet.

2.Hydro flask

I know the joke about this one is if you carry one , you’re a basic VSCO girl (which is basically the new generation’s tumblr girl). But this summer having one was such a difference. Mine is about half a gallon (I’m not exactly sure). My mom bought it at either Walmart or Costco or BJs and it keeps things hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Everyday I fill it up and put ice in it and that’s what I drink throughout the day at work instead of juice. Basically it makes me live a healthier lifestyle and more importantly its better for the environment.

3.Portable charger

This wasn’t that necessary to me until I started going out more often. Some busses in New York City have chargers but mostly new transit. Also you can always bring a regular charger but even if you go to a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts , you aren’t guaranteed a spot with an outlet. In case of emergencies you always need a phone so having one of these just makes sense.

4.Emergency kit

This is different for everyone but in general important to have. I think it’s smart to keep things like flashlight and batteries (I know we have phone flashlights but if a blackout happens , it’s important to save as much phone battery as possible), portable charger, first aid (alcohol wipes, band aids etc.), emergency cash, mirror, sanitizer , moisturizer, lip balm, pads/ tampons and of course medications. These are just ideas but it is nessecary to keep, I haven't got all my stuff for back to school .

5.Wireless headphones

This has been my greatest investment. I first started when I got free beats with my laptop because of the college student deal. At that point I still had old apple headphones with the wire. I wasn’t planning to get AirPods too but the right side of my headphone stopped playing music. Yes, I still had my beats but I felt like they are too big to wear on transit and I like lighter pairs on buses or trains. I personally prefer the sound quality of beats but then the lightness of AirPods is so good even though they costed me more. The freedom of wireless headphones allows me to do more tasks. The largest downfall is remembering to charge them.


For the longest time I used planners but didn’t like them because they were from my school but lately since I’ve been using my own I’ve been really into it . I have one for college work and one for my crafts such as blogging and Instagram and just my lifestyle in general. The one I have for my crafts is less restrictive and allows you to be more creative within it. It was really cheap and I got it from family dollar. My other one is more professional and strict and I got it from target. What made me happiest about my college one is it came with stickers

7.Umbrella or rain poncho

It rains a lot out of nowhere sometime so these are essential to carry. I’m probably going to keep both in my bag but it is more of a preference thing. While an umbrella has more coverage it also takes up a lot of space and if it’s windy too it is kinda inconvenient. I also find it a struggle to close it when transit comes. That’s why in my opinion having a rain poncho in your bag is more convenient. It’s less bulky, doesn’t blow way in the wind and is less of a hassle.


This is something my mom got me here and there over the years but because I started shopping more for myself decor wise ( I shopped for clothes myself since middle school), I bought things that fit into my aesthetic. I had a blue one but there was just something I didn’t like about it. I got this gold one that I am obsessed with along with gray ones I bought. I got them all at target but I couldn’t take pictures of the gray ones because I need to organize my makeup area.

So that’s all for today. I really hope you enjoyed this blog and if you like it let me know because there’s more back to school blogs to come especially because my orientation is tomorrow and then I start school a week later. Don‘t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss an update. Remember to check out previous blogs and share this site with your friends and family.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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Emily Ryan
Emily Ryan
Aug 23, 2019

My hard drive (and colourful note books) also saved me at uni! Great post, thank you for sharing 😊

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