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73 Vogue inspired Questions

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Hey guys.

It's Lay.

Welcome to my 50th blog post! I'm so happy that I written this many post because I love writing and I feel like by talking about my own experiences I was able to help people in some way. However, I want to improve my connection with the readers and the best way for me to that is to tell more about myself. Originally I was planning to do a Q&A type blog but when I watched a few interviews from Vogue and listened to a podcast that was inspired from the interviews, it looked fun to try. So I'm sorry that if you were expecting more of an advice driven blog but I still hope you stick around to learn about me. With that being said here are 73 questions I found:

1. What is your name?

Alayjah Jordan. It's pronounced Ah-lay-ja but people usually get it wrong which is why I go by Lay on here.

2. How old are you?

Currently 18

3. Are you short or tall?

I personally don't consider myself short... I just think everyone else is too tall

4. What's your zodiac sign?

Libra but I was born 1 hour away from being a Scorpio so I think I have a mixed personality but I'm definitely more Libra. Also, my rising sign is Cancer and my moon sign is Capricorn.

5. What is your favorite beverage?

It's either smoothies or iced tea but I also love a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate

6. What is one weird fact about you?

When I was born, I turned blue and stopped breathing. That's why my mom calls me her miracle baby.

7. What can always make you laugh?

Conversations with Ricardo. He's definitely the goofiest out of all my friends.

8. What is a habit you want to break this year?

I have many but the biggest habit I want to break I would say I want to stop trying to make everybody happy. It's impossible and I'm fully aware of that but I hate seeing or knowing someone is upset.

9. 5 words you would use to describe yourself?

Creative, Caring, Intelligent, Indecisive, Insightful

10. What was your favorite hobby growing up?


11. What is a hobby you want pick up?

Photography, Youtube and editing

12. Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

Probably Zendaya but there are many celebrities I draw inspiration from

13. What do you think your spirit animal is?

Either a butterfly because it symbolize growth or a cat because I'm unpredictable, mysterious and only want affection when I want it.

14. What is your most hated fashion trend

Socks and sandals. I don't care if it's comfortable, sandals are made to be an open toed shoe.

15. Best decade for style inspiration

90s because I love things that came from of it especially crop tops, combat boots, chokers etc.

16. What was your favorite show growing up

I loved so many shows growing up from Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network but I was obsessed with Total Drama like no other. Favorite show on Disney- Hannah Montana, That's so raven and Wizards of Waverly place but the best cartoons on Disney were Proud family, Kim Possible, American Dragon: Jake Long and Recess. On Nickelodeon the best shows were Spongebob, The Fairly Oddparents, iCarly, Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, Victorious and True Jackson VP (which was underrated).

17. What is your favorite show now

Pretty much anything from Nick at Nite (Friends, Fresh prince of Bel Air, George Lopez, The Nanny etc.) but since I watch most shows on Netflix now I also like Lucifer (I'm Christian but that show is so hilarious), One day at a time, Big mouth, That 70s show and there's more I watch but I wouldn't call it favorites.

18. What is your favorite color


19. What's your secret talent

I think it would be my drawing because I kept that such a secret thing in high school and now I'm in business school mainly because I want to pursue journalism but that could change.

20. What is your biggest strength

My compassion which is why a lot of people come to me for advice. I also feel like it could be I'm really persistent about what I want, I don't give up easily.

21. What is your biggest weakness

I am really sensitive so I take things to heart when I want to be able to let go of things in the past that I had no control over. I also over think too much which leads me to have a lot of internal conflict.

22. If your life was a movie, what would it be called

"This can't be real" and it would definitely be a dramatic comedy with romantic relationships that will frustrate you. Whenever I tell people stories about the things that happened to me, their reaction is turn it into a movie or something because my stories are like stuff you would think only happens in media.

23. What is your idea of a perfect date

Okay this is a hard one because mentally I have so much date ideas because I'm a hopeless romantic and I used to write fan fictions. Those together are a dangerous combination since it causes high expectations. So the perfect date for me is something more personal or casual. I hate the idea of a fancy restaurant date even though I love having an excuse to dress up in a nice dress but I HATE heels. I also feel like I have different date ideas for different seasons so I'll just choose 4. So in the spring once it gets warmer a picnic date is everything. Like imagine just having home made foods, taking tons of picture, going on a long walk and just getting to know someone more without the interruptions of the world. In the summer, I would feel like an amusement park date is the cutest. Even though I am not a roller coster person, I like the games they have and the smaller rides they have and then getting some ice cream or snow cones after. For fall, I think I would want a stay in date so where we just cook all day together, also bake some cookies or brownies (yes I have a sweet tooth), build a fort and snuggle up with an activity ( reading together, watching a movie etc.). Last but not least is winter but it's simple: Ice skating and getting hot chocolate afterwards.

24. Who supports you most

This is hard, I feel like there are many people that do but from my family, it would be my brother Al. He pushed me to do more with my blog which I appreciate him for and we have always been there for each other (check out his website, Spotify, Youtube and Instagram ). Of course my best friends from high school are my second family.

25. What is your addiction

Make up and skin care. I have so many products yet I still buy more.

26. What is your favorite food?

Chicken Parmesan or Mac & Cheese.

27. What foods do you hate the most

Pickles, Peanuts, Peanut butter, Fish, Bologna

28. How long was your longest crush

4 years

29. Who are your celebrity crushes

Cole Sprouse, Jordan Calloway, Tom Ellis, Micheal B. Jordan, Ross Lynch, Trey Songz, Jake T Austin, Jason Derulo and of course young John Stamos

30. When was your first kiss

6 years old

31. Who's your best friend do you have

I have many and different types of best friends

32. Would you get a tattoo


33. How many piercings do you have

I have both of my ears pierced and a nose ring

34. What was your best subject in school

English or history

35. What was your worst subject in school

Science and math

36. Who is the last person that texted you

Ricardo on snap

37. Have you ever been in love


38. How do you know you know you were in love

I think I knew was because how I felt with the little things and how seeing them made my day just feel a lot better. I think what people forget in our society is love isn't about what you see but the feeling you get from it.

39. What's something underrated that you love


40. What do you do for fun?

Writing, listening to music or podcasts, working out, going out with friends, scrolling through social media, reading, taking pictures, editing

41. Describe your friend group?

I have different friend groups now but I'll describe my friend group from high school. Me and Angela are evil twins (for some reason we are a package deal but out of our friends we probably were the meanest given Angela is sarcastic as hell and I had the worst RBF), Adrianna is our party girl (fun and very fashionable), Victoria is the mom friend (she's really smart too and got all As her first semester, very proud of her) and Isabella is the weird one (in the best way possible, she's my other half and I haven't seen her in forever). If we add Ricardo because he became our friend senior year, he is the clown but a really good and helpful person.

42. Where do you want to travel to?

Hawaii, Paris, London, Milan, Barbados, Tahiti, Tokyo, California, Jamaica, Fiji, Costa Rica, Greece, Rome, Egypt and so many more places (yes I'm aware Rome and Milan are both in Italy but they are 2 different cities).

43. What is a skill you want to learn?

I want to learn how to do hair and I want to learn video editing since I mostly can edit pictures

44. What is your favorite song at the moment?

Majesty by Nicki Minaj, all songs from Selena Gomez Rare And 2 songs from Halsey (you should be sad and still learning)

45. What is your favorite quote

“Just remember: The people that say, ‘your dreams are impossible’ have already quit on theirs.” – Grant Cardone

46. What is your favorite season

Fall and Summer.

47. What is your favorite holiday

Thanksgiving and Christmas

48. How do you like your coffee?

Iced and sweet (by creamer, not granulated sugar)

49. What is your favorite physical feature on yourself

My lips

50. Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Out of school with a bachelors, working on my career, possibly traveling

51. What was your dream job as a kid

Fashion Designer

52. What is your dream job right now

Fashion Journalist

53. Where is your dream place to live

I personally don't see myself leaving New York but anything could happen

54. What is your favorite childhood memory

Going to Georgia every summer.

55. What's your favorite sport

I'm not a sports girl.

56. Are you street smart or book smart

Book smart.

57. What are your biggest relationship turn ons

When a guy is really hygienic (I love when a guy smells good from head to toe), When he knows how to dress (I love when a guy puts efforts in his appearances but not in a cocky way because when a guy looks sloppy I feel like he doesn't actually like me because he has no effort), When a guy is protective over me ( but not in a way that it is overbearing), Cooks very well (to simplify I love food and its the way to my heart), When a guy takes care of himself (I want a relationship when a guy could depend on me but when it gets to a point where it feels like I have to take care of him completely that's too much pressure) , When a guy cares about his health (I don't mean he has to look like a body builder but being conscious about the food you eat if your family has a history of blood pressure and working out 2-3 times a week is very attractive. If I'm with a person, I want to be with them a long time and of course things happen that's out of control like diseases but it's still worth it to try to be in good health.), A guy who can make me laugh (the second way to my heart after food. I love a goofy guy), when he like to learn and discover new things (I'm quiet but I love talking a lot to people I care about), Get along with my mom and brother (they are the most important people), Good with kids and animals (that's just really cute), When he's spontaneous (wants to go on random dates like walking on the board walk or want to do something), Hard working and ambitious to achieve his goals, Tries to understand my perspective, communicates his thoughts in a respectful ways, Really supportive of my personal growth and my journey

58. What are your biggest relationship turn offs

Racist, Homophobic, Abusive, Manipulative, Toxic, Rude, Unhygienic, Sloppy, Extremely lazy ( a little lazy is okay because we all have lazy day), Compulsive Liar, not loyal, Cocky, Sexist, Controlling, Discouraging, Doesn't listen, immature, uneducated, unmotivated, too negative or too positive (there has to be a middle ground), neglectful, cruel, too friendly (I love when a guy is kind but when he doesn't set boundaries with girls, that's where it crosses a line with me), not considerate of my emotions, spends too little or too much time with me, Rude to my friends and family, pressures me, too closed off emotionally (I want to be his safety and feel comfortable telling me thing about his past - good or bad)

59. What is your instagram

Simplylayxx (you should follow it because that's where all my fashion and make up pictures are)

60. What is your snapchat

Laylay0014 ( I used this the most but if someone acts creepy, I will block you very quickly)

61. What is your biggest pet peeve

When you tell people about things that bother you and they still do it knowing it bothers you or hurts you

62. Are you outgoing or shy


63. Who do you look more like: mom or dad?

I think my dad

64. What is a topic you are passionate about?

Mental Health

65. Favorite book genre ?

I read a lot of poetry and self help books.

66. What is something you wish could change in society?

Stereotypes, I have a lot of opinions on this but stereotypes is what ruins and divide us.

67. What do you want to be more aware about?

Environmental issues, I feel like I need to read up more about thing happen in environmentally and learn how to do my part.

68. Do you want kids ?

Yes after I am financially stable.

69. What is your favorite dessert ?

Brownies or Ice cream

70. Do you like surprises?

I'm not sure because I've never been surprised. Good surprises like a party sounds fun.

71. Milk shakes or smoothies?


72. Waffles or pancakes?


73. Why did you start blogging?

I started a blog with an old friend of mine but gave up for awhile. However, last year when I was a senior in high school, I wanted a way to express my emotions. I was put in a situation where I was in every single one of my class with a guy who hurt me, spread lies about me and did everything in his power to belittle after a year of using me. He changed the narrative of our story and being the shy girl I am, I couldn't speak up and instead became more disconnected. I felt completely powerless and my school being racist and useless didn't do anything while I was at point where going to school and even getting out of bed was too hard. I had already been bullied in the past as well so I was really sick of not having a voice about my own life and people taking things out of context without even hearing what I had to say. A lot of people have problems where they feel pressured to keep thing to themselves because they are afraid of what people have to say about them or feel like they would be blamed for the bad things that happened but I feel like telling my stories in the most authentic way possible will help other find their voice. I am no angel, I have done wrong in the past but what I can say is I've learned from everything I've done and more importantly take responsibility for things I did. I'm not perfect but at least I'm honest which is more than a lot people could say. Blogging is my way of saying this is me from my stories to sharing ways to improve, from my obsession to make up and fashion to talking about the people who inspire it.

That's all for today and if you got this far: Bless your soul and thanks for reading.

So be sure to like, comment and share this blog post with friends and family if you enjoyed and also check out other parts of my blog such as my gallery to motivate you and to learn more about me. I hope you are having an amazing morning, day, night etc. whatever time you are reading this and I hope you continue this year with so much happiness, self love and excitement.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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Andrea Capone
Andrea Capone
08 במרץ 2020

Really interesting idea! My favorite answer was your life as a movie... This can't be real. 🤣 Relatable! Thanks for sharing about your journey. Sharing our stories is one way that the brain heals from pain and trauma. Best of luck to you!


08 במרץ 2020

Lovely post. It's always a great way to get to know the blogger x

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