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Thing to do: During Summer 2019

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Hey guys

It’s Lay.

So I was going to do a more serious blog but that required me to do a lot more research because I want to make the next blog as informed as possible. Honestly my life right now is pretty hectic which is why I want to get back on track.

Summer is a time I usually focus on myself 100% because either my friends are busy, on vacation etc. and I usually work in the summer since during the year my mom wants me to focus on my school work. Basically I’m too busy during the week to even make plans until Fridays and Saturdays. I hate making plans for Sunday’s because I know if I do I’ll be exhausted for Monday.

This summer I mostly plan to do the following : sleep, go to work, write blogs and workout

If anyone wants to make plans with me, I’m cool with it but basically I’m just working to better myself all summer long.

With that being said, there are many things a person can do in the summer and since school finally ended for NYC students, I thought it would be good to inspire people with a list of things you can do to have an amazing summer.

1. Get a Job

This is mostly for my audience that is in my age range or younger. Having a job in the summer is the most beneficial thing you can do, especially if your parents don’t allow you to work during the school year  or if you are too busy to juggle everything. Not only do you earn money, it gives you life skills that schools can’t teach. Plus when you are older looking for a job, you'll have enough experience to make it easier to be hired.

2. Go on Vacation

Planning a trip may be so stressful but it also could be good to change things up a bit and go someplace new. I’m completely aware not everyone has the money to do this so just plan a staycation where you can either take days to get yourself in a better mental place.

3. Plan dates

Honestly every summer needs a bit of romance so if you’re in a long term relationship, you should spice things is up. If you are single, try going out in the world and remember dates aren’t just for couples. So here are a few things you can do:

  • Coffee meet ups

  • Have a picnic

  • Have a movie night

  • Visit an amusement park

  • Paint together

  • Walk on the boardwalk

  • Take a trip to the zoo

  • Cook dinner for them

  • Get ice cream

  • Have a water gun war

  • Go bowling

  • Go to an arcade

  • Go Rock climbing

  • See a musical

  • Visit a diner at night

  • go to an museum

  • see a concert

  • Go to a festival or parade

3. Host an event

With so much holidays coming up in the summer, it would be a perfect time to be a host. Whether it's a just a small gathering for a family dinner, a graduation party or a barbecue for the fourth of July, planning is something exciting and you can allow yourself to be as creative as you want.

4. Go shopping

I've been doing a lot of this lately but summer you have more time to be the person you want to be and change your style. Not only can you get clothes but you can get things for your room to change it up.

5. Have a photoshoot

As someone who loves social media, having a photoshoot is just a great way to make memories with your friends. Also it could help build confidence, at least in my perspective because me personally, I used to hide on social media, not posting picture of myself but once I started to, it helped me be more comfortable in my own skin and more in touch with who I am vs who I wanted to be.

6. Pick up a new hobby

Take a class. Learn an instrument. Learn to dance. Become more active by playing a sport. Just get outside your comfort zone. You never know what talents you can discover or what skill set you can develop.

7. Explore your environment

The world is such a big place and you are just a small part of it. There are probably so many places you haven't been to in your own community so if you go out there, you can find people who share interests with you

I apologize that this blog was so short but I just don't think my heart or my head was 100% in it. This week has been really overwhelming in terms of trying to get things done before my job starts July 1st, family members I not understanding I can’t make it to things etc. I built an organizer and for the passed days I’ve been moving my make up, going through my clothes to see which stuff to get rid of, folding cleaning etc. I just feel pretty exhausted and right now I just don’t feel like myself. The one thing about college is it gives you freedom and a new beginning. It’s hard to start over where you don’t really know where to start.

I promise though I will do better because changes are coming up. Be sure to check out previous blogs.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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