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Thing to do: During Spring Break 2019 ( Collaboration)

Updated: Jun 10, 2020


Hi all!

I’m Georgia from The Self Help Manifesto, and before we get into my section of the post I just want to thank Lay for giving me the opportunity to appear on her site. Spring break is the perfect opportunity to relax and heal yourself after a stressful term at school. In Britain, we get two weeks off every year for Easter, and for me this year it is right before my GCSEs, so in order to optimise productivity, I need to look after myself too. So here’s how you can heal yourself from the stressful start of the year in spring break!

Hey guy!

It's Lay and I'm super excited to announce that this is the first collaboration on this blog with one of my internet friends. She is a British blogger who writes good tips to help people with their stress, anxiety etc. I had so much fun working on this with her. Be sure to check out her blog site and her Instagram @theselfhelpmanifesto. For today’s blog, I’m writing things to do during spring break while Georgie is writing tips for improving mental health.

Lay’s Blog Post

Exclusive story

This is a last minute addition to my blog which is why it won't be in Georgia's version of the collab. After last week's blog I realized I'm still finding my writing style but I actually really like being personal in my blogs and telling small clips of my life. The "thoughts on:..." blogs are usually my most opinionated and/or personal which is why I think I enjoy writing them the most so I think what I want to do is if the blog allows me to tell a story within it I'm going to add something every chance I get.

With that being said here's my story.

Every year for spring break I usually take time to visit my grandparents but since my mom finally got surgery for her knee this year and need surgery for kidney stones, we can't go which is sad because I don't see my grandparents much but I completely understand why we couldn't this year. So since I've been pretty consistent with my blogging I thought it would be fun to collaboration. So when Georgia posted on her story asking about the content she should post on her blog, I took the opportunity suggest a collaboration and after days trying to figure out which ones work well together we came up with this post.

This is the first time I'm collaborating since my last shared blog with my former best friend. I haven't done anything like this on my own in such a long time but after the trauma of our friendship ending I decided that I won't let it stop me from doing what I love.

It was too painful to take over that blog even though I got that in our "friendship-divorce".

12 Things to do over spring break

1. Improve your mental health

Spring break is called a break for a reason so be sure to use your time to refresh yourself. Unlike the others on this list, I’m not going to go too in detail because this is the part of the blog Georgia focused on so if you want to see how she refreshes her thoughts be sure to read her part on this collaboration.

2. Deep Clean and Organize

Georgina spoke about this briefly but for some tips to organizing I wrote about in an old blog so the link to it on my site is It has a list of suggestions to help declutter.

3. Plan Cultural activities

By cultural activities I mean look for things to do within the community such as a festival, a trip to a museum, a concert etc. Even visit a street fair if you have the option to. Just try something new out of the ordinary that will better your experience.

4. Create a health plan

As weather gets warmer, people tend to start caring about their health more with summer coming closer and if you’re a senior maybe prom or other events are coming up. Spring break is the perfect time to start a workout plan and research new healthy recipes.

5. Have a photoshoot

Spring has so much pastel and floral aesthetic. Since you have the time, gather some from friends and have a photoshoot to upload some new Insta-worthy pictures. You’ll thank me later.

6. Start a personal project

This is the more creative aspect of the list. I do these all the time so some suggestions I have is: write a story or book , work on paintings, write a song, create a comic, work on poetry, designing and making a dress, making a scrapbook etc. These are fun because you get to think out of the box.

7. Catch up on sleep

I know people who stay up until 3 am or pull all-nighters to finish work for school so take the break to catch up on sleep. School can be extremely draining so not going anywhere during the break could be a blessing in disguise.

8. Visit the beach or a pool

If it’s really warm, it would be the perfect to go with some friends or family members to the beach or the pull. On your day out you can get some ice cream afterwards or even have a picnic with good food.

9. Have a sleepover

Spring break can be a perfect time to spend quality time with some friends you may not get to see often so it would be nice to catch up and possibly have a sleep over if they aren’t too busy. Having sleepover is the best way to bond.

10. Have a marathon

You can do this with Disney movies, shows on Netflix or even catching up on videos from your favorite youtubers. This is something you can do alone or with friends. So stock up on snacks and prepare to binge watch.

11. Read some books

This was a self help book I was reading last year. They way they use the word "bitches" is to defy strong powerful women. So please to not feel offended by the title.

I know I haven’t been creating my book of the month post but there is a great reason behind why I’m putting it off until maybe next year. However, reading is something that I do believe more people should do often because it just takes you away from the reality. My personal favorite to read are poetry books (not shakespeare) or young adult fictions.

12. Have a competition

This is something fun you can do with your friends that cost no money at all and relive your childhood. Play games like racing, hot potato, one leg race, pie eating contest and set your own prizes.

Georgia’s blog post

Tips to improve mental health over break

1 – Treat yourself to a spa day

Take a step back from the hustle and bustle for a day, put on your favourite YouTube videos and pamper yourself! Give yourself a cute manicure, slap a facemask on, burn some of your favourite candles and relax. Maybe bring some friends over so you can all have a girl’s day and de-stress. One of my favourite face masks to use is the L’Oréal Pure Clay Glow Mask. It contains red clay and algae and your face feels so smooth afterwards! Don’t forget to use a foundation brush!

2 – Clean & organise your living space

A good way to declutter your mind is to declutter your surroundings, and this is something that I preach a lot. Clean up your bedroom and maybe to a little bit of re-organizing, and you will feel refreshed and like you have your life together. I love to shake things up a little with my possessions and give things a new feel. It’s a small but cool change that you can make.

3 – Baking or cooking some food

If you’re a creative soul, why don’t you chill out and do some baking? You get to be creative AND you get to have food! That, to me, sounds like heaven. Whether you bake something classic and ~mildly unhealthy~ or something new and healthy, baking is so therapeutic. Cooking is also a brilliant thing to do, because not only is it fun, you get to do something productive and potentially find a new dish that you love. I love gingerbread so much!!

4 – Going out with friends

Now that you have time away from school, use that time to your advantage and go spend time with your friends. Whether you’re low budget and decide to have a sleepover with a couple of movies or you have some money to splash and go and have a meal or go shopping, spending time with your friends will make you feel so good. I feel so refreshed after just sitting with a friend and talking with them. Make sure it’s someone you love spending time with though, and not someone who is toxic and will make you feel worse.


That’s all I have for you today! Thank you so much for reading and thank you again to Lay for letting me come onto your blog, I really appreciate the opportunity! - Georgia

That’s all for today and I had really such a fun time working on this blog with Georgia and hope to do it again eventually. Remember don’t forget to check out our old blogs and share this with friends and family.

Until next time - Lay 💋

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Apr 14, 2019

Great Post! Love all the suggestions:)

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