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Getting Down to Business: January 2019

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Hey guys,

It's Lay!

This is just going to be a quick post to give people a full on description of content I want to put on my blog. This just describes my posting my schedule, content ideas etc.

My posting schedule

I want to post Sundays because typically I try to do my homework Friday night and go to Starbucks Saturday which is the perfect place to write. I wanted to do this before but because of how my December was, I had to spend January mostly making up work and preparing for midterms.

Content list

"How To..." : This is more like an advice column where i will take suggestions but I have a few in mind. If you need advice just email me and I will be gad to come up with something for your

Make up looks : This one won't be common until at least the summer where I draw the most inspiration from but I will also do these for holidays (Valentines day, Christmas, St. patricks day, Easter, Independence dat etc.)

Product Reviews : This is very general. It can be masks , make up removers, make up products, basically any product.

OOTD Look books: These will just be fashion pictures including some of my favorite looks from the pass to new styles . I might do it based on style types like preppy, grunge , sporty, casual , business etc.

Thoughts on : This is a completely opinion bases series. For this topic I want to keep it light hearted for it

"Cooking with lay": This will probable include recipes, meal ideas, recreations from Pinterest.

Book of the month: This is something I want to do in order to be productive in my goal of reading more. However, since I missed it for January, I have to make it up for February by reading 2 books.

Adventures with lay: this is for when I go to a new place like an over hyped attraction or if i travel somewhere new

Updates: this category will hold any updates with the blog, sometimes life updates basically talking about major changes that affect my writing

I have a lot more ideas for my blogs but I want to wait to introduce those ideas once I have more viewers

Collab policy

I am 100% open to collaborating with other bloggers. Contact me either through my email, there is a chat option on my blog site and I also respond to DMs on Instagram @simplylayxx. The only thing I require when I’m working with someone is equal respect and involvement in the projects and make sure we are credited in each other‘s post.

I know this blog wasn't what people were expecting but I truly felt like it was important for viewers to understand my plans before I got into this. This was supposed to be up sooner but life is really unexpected. I hope I can be more on this but I feel like I can once I’m out of high school. I’m still trying to create a routine.

Until next time,

xoxo Lay 💋

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