Model Moments

Lion King Outfit
Beachy vibes
October 4th
Picnic Day
Riley Rose
Beach 116
Accepted students day
July 4th
18th Birthday Celebration
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Honorable mentions

Thank you to these people for the amazing memories from this year ​

  • My mom 

  • My brother Alan

  • Angela 

  • Isabella 

  • Victoria 

  • Adrianna

  • Ricardo 

  • Bri

  • Ariana 

  • Nina 

  • Vanessa 

If I didn't include you please know that it doesn't mean you haven't made an impact on me. Every person I've met have taught me something and I'm grateful for it. Some bonds are just were deeper at that point in time and that's okay because only time will show how we are supposed to be in each others lives.

Family, Friends and Events OH MY



Snap of the year

My final Good Bye to 2019

That's a wrap for 2019! I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Before completely signing off from this chapter in my life, I want to thank everyone for the support they gave me over the year. 2019 has  proven to me that nothing is constant; not pain, not heart break , not depression. Of course this applies to good things as well but if one thing I learned is to cherish the good moments but don't dwell on the past. No matter how bad a situation seems, the story will continue. Remember to control your own narrative  and never give anyone the power to belittle your character. The only person who knows you is you and don't be afraid to voice that. So in other words 2019, thank you for:  being the year I went to my first concert, for having me get into my dream school, for me graduating, for me going to senior prom, for my first time going to fright fest, for the friends I've made and most importantly for showing me that there are people there for me even when it's hard for me to see it. I also realized I am stronger than my past and I am so ready for what the next year has in store with me.

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